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A little bit of this – a little bit of that… you’ll find a little of everything around here!

Creativity is Contagious

–Albert Einstein

Welcome to my little creative corner. You will find all sorts of things floating around this domain. My muse takes many forms and inspires me in all kinds of ways. From blogging about family life and various writing & poetryΒ  to running a side business for my creative and digital endeavors and even offing some graphics for free, LoLoMarieS: Creativity Unleashed, is a creative outlet for me that all can enjoy!

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I love to write and have been doing it in various forms for many years.
You can find my personal blog that has creative writings, poetry, thoughts, information on my business and more by selecting a topic below.

The Journey of a Creative Soul

To read about our family in general and how it has grown through DCFS you can visit:

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