About Us


MoonDust & Magik: A Unique Boutique is dedicated to bringing unique and meaningful gifts into the storefront for our customers to enjoy.

Based around hand crafted or designed items, our store is focused on selling items that carry only the best and most positive of intentions. Our Designers and Artists pride themselves on their work and are happy to be able to offer our valued customers a piece of their heart through each product created.


Our products are a unique blend of hand crafted and artistic items. We embrace creativity in spirituality and you will see that as a common theme through out our inventory.  We are not a "Wholesale" retailer. Our items and products are hand picked, often hand made, hard to find, unique, and artistic.


Loretta Snelling and Brandy Geneva are our current artisans. We are currently working on bringing in more talent to offer an even larger selection of hand crafted items.

History and Host

Moon Dust & Magik was born in 2021 when two moms who bonded over their spirituality decided to get together and get crafty. Both have a love for the arts and enjoy finding ways to express it in different ways.  After success at a local event running a vendor booth with our products, it was decided to keep going. Loretta immediately got to business and LMS Creations, LLC was born.  

Doing business as Moon Dust & Magik, the unique boutique was official.  It is currently hosted on the LolomarieS domain which is the personal site of Loretta Snelling.