What is LoLoMarieS?
LoLoMarieS is a domain created by Loretta Snelling to host her personal hobbies, journal, business, family life and other ventures.

Who is LMS?

Loretta M. Snelling (Jacobs) was born and raised in Indiana, USA. Currently residing near the Ohio River with her husband, children and pets. Always a book lover, she discovered; at a young age, her natural talent for writing poetry. She loves being creative in all sorts of ways and can be often found fiddling with graphics, writing,  or enjoying other artistic projects.

Loretta is a self taught Web & Graphic Designer. What started as a hobby years ago has grown into an impressive knowledge bank in regards to creating graphics, web design and maintenance.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Art Appreciation
  • Poetry Readings
  • Playing with Graphics
  • Camping
  • Walking
  • Games
  • Self Education
  • Fun & Laughter
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Writing: +30 yrs
  • Administrative Skills: +20yrs
  • Web Design: +15 yrs
  • Graphic Design: +12yrs
  • Photo Manipulation: +10yrs

DreamWeaver, Front Page, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Paint, CoffeeCup, Google Documents, Word Press, Microsoft Email, Adobe PDF, and other various office and graphic programs.

Loretta attended Indiana University NorthWest in 1997; right after highschool, to seek a career teaching high school literature. Changing her mind, she switched schools and attended Purdue Calumet and studied web design. Life happened and she had to drop out but her self education in the fields she loves has never stopped.

Loretta never lost the love for teaching and has worked often over the years as a Preschool/Daycare teacher. Her love for literature has remained strong as well. Her personal book collection reaches over 300 titles.