Blessed Be!

Welcome to all who pass by here.

May you journey through this site with an open mind and an open heart.

No ill will or harm is intended by anything you may find. We each have our own individual spiritual path – you have stumbled upon mine.

Smoke of Air,
and Fire of Earth
Cleanse and bless
this home and hearth
Drive away
all harm and fear
only good
May enter Here.

This is my Book Of Light.
My Grimoire
It is a record of my beliefs, traditions and spiritual journey. Here you will find things I have learned and continue to learn about myself, my beliefs and this wonderful, magical, spiritual universe we live in.

This site is primarily for me, as a reference site for my particular path and spiritual journal. I have made it public so others with similar beliefs can relate and perhaps find inspiration. It is not all-inclusive and information may be edited from time to time for my own reference.
There are many things that I do not use or don’t pertain directly to my path so they may not be mentioned here. Something new I learn my resonate with me and I may change or add something.
This is for my own practicing spiritual path. You are welcome to learn about it and even adapt it your own if you wish.

I have been following my path and variations of it for over 20 years. I was a young teenager when I first began to question my Christian upbringing. I didn’t have any bad experiences with Christianity myself but something just felt off to me. I began to study other religions and broaden my horizons.

Everything has led me down this path and with and open heart I now share some of it with those who are interested. It is important to do your own research and learn as much as you can about all types of beliefs and their histories so you can come to your own understanding and spiritual peace.

celtic blessing

I am open for questions and general discussion as long as they are on a respectful level. Hate will not be tolerated and will be ignored/deleted. It is ok if you don’t agree with the path I am on for you are walking your own. To those whose path meets with mine, may we journey together in peace – now and even once our paths part.

All are Welcome who pass by here,
Friends and Family- far and near.
North, South, West and East
This is where negativity shall cease
Earth, Fire, Water, Air
Send only energy infused with with care.
We are all branches on the same tree,
As I will, So mote it be.

This site is for personal reference only. I do not claim that what I put here is the only truth or way to believe, or do things.  There is so much more information to be gained by researching multiple resources. Your path is your own just as this is mine.