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What is a Christian Witch

There is no clear cut, black and white answer to this. In it’s most basic form a Christian Witch is someone who believes in God in a similar way that Christianity teaches, yet also believes in a Goddess or Feminine aspect to God with traditions similar to other ancient, older and more nature based religions. Some refer to themselves as “Christian Witches”, ChristoPagans” or even “Trinitarian Wiccans”. Each Christian Witch has his or her own path and unique practices. This article just covers what most of us have in common.

Isn’t this a contradiction? Doesn’t being Christian mean that you cannot partake in “witch craft” – or believe in something beyond what the bible teaches?

This is a debate that could go on and on. You can practice WitchCraft without using any religion. Most Christian Witches keep their beliefs to themselves due to others lack of understanding or willingness to have an open mind.

It really depends on how you look at things and how you perceive the big picture. Lighting a candle and saying a prayer is really no different than “casting a spell”.  Many Christian traditions and holidays originated with Pagan roots.
The diagram below shows the Pagan Wheel of the Year and how traditional Christian Holidays align with it.

Click the image above to view more information on The Wheel of the Year.

Many Witches and Christian Witches celebrate some form of the holidays above. These are called Sabbats. They also celebrate lunar phases.  Full moons are considered special and celebrations for these are called Esbats.  If you would like to know more about these celebrations you can Click Here to see about Sabbats – and HERE for Esbats. They believe in the Circle of Life and that all things have energy and put off vibrations.

There are many Christians who are open to the pagan origins of these special days. They believe in the power of Prayer (really just energy work and meditation). They appreciate the earth and elements and how everything is inter- connected. They understand the world both physical and spiritual needs balance.

Many people feel that although the Bible was inspired by God it was written by man. It has been touched, translated, water downed, and misinterpreted for centuries. At one point in time Roman Emperor Constantine and a counsel sat down and decided for their own agenda what books should and should not be added to the canon.

It is a wonderful book with great morals and wise words to base a good life around, but it is just a book. A record of events and stories- some true, some false. I have read both the Old and New Testaments from cover to cover. I can find passages myself that will point to my own beliefs about a Goddess being present. It is all about interpretation.

A spiritual path is something that is personal and unique to each person. Their relationship with their higher power is theirs and theirs alone.  If no harm is being done than that person should be able to practice their beliefs in peace.

It’s ok to be curious and ask questions. Most Christian Witches are willing to share their beliefs as long as they feel safe to do so.  You may find that some of their beliefs line up with your own.

Being a christian witch has no straight cut definition. A combination of Christianity and various older, ancient religions. Each path as individual as the person walking it. If you would like to know more, just take a look about “Beautiful Belief”.

Till next time, Blessed Be.

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