Tools of the Trade

The most important tool you need is yourself.  Your will, intentions and own energy are enough to do spiritual or energy work.  Tools are just a way to help direct, enhance, and focus the energy.

This is not a set in stone list. These are items I commonly use for my personal practices. They are also widely used by practitioners of various faiths in general.  Your path is yours and if there is a tool that calls to you, by all means use it. Just make sure to research it and use it correctly.

Main Tools

These set of tools are pretty important. It isn’t necessary to have them all or to rush out and buy expensive items. You can use everyday household objects or cheap dollar store items. These tools help to make up your altar. They give you the tools you need to begin this path. It is important to always cleanse any tools you’ve never used before.

Many people use the altar to place their tools upon and to create an area for spiritual/energy work. You can view a basic Altar Layout Here. It’s usually a table or platform that you bless and place your tools on. It should be part of your rituals and energy workings.

A coffee table, a wood stump or even a shelf are all good ideas for an altar surface.

(Paten) This does not have to be a Pentagram (Star) – It can be any magical, spiritual or religious symbol you want to use.

You can even make your own. Anything you make to use for a tool hold special energy catered to you.

If you use a pentagram this can represent the Earth Element and should be placed at the north of your altar.

Representing the Fire Element when placed at the south of your altar, An Athame is a dagger used for directing energy.  Often used for casting and recalling ritual circles and cutting energy ties.

You can use a dedicated kitchen knife and turn it into your Athame. You don’t have to go out and buy a fancy dagger.

If an Athame ever draws blood it must be discarded or cleansed in ritual.

Representing the Mother Goddess – it should sit on the Northwest of your alter – When representing the Water Element, it should sit to the west and have water in it.

A chalice can be anything from an expensive goblet to a regular drinking glass. The choice is yours.

Representing the Deities on your altar is important. It is your personal choice who you represent and how. They can be represented with statues (Female on left – Male on right), candles or other symbols related to them. If a single Deity that place the item in the North Middle of you altar.

Representing the Air Element if placed to the East on your Altar.  Incense is a powerful tool as  it is created from plant material and holds the properties unique to the type of Incense you are using.

For example Cedar has the following properties: –Purifying, sanctifying, protecting. Also brings good energy

A cauldron is a common, multi-tasking tool. It can serve all the Elements.  It can have water in it and be used for the water element, you can burn incense in it and have it represent air – set a candle in it to represent fire – place herbs or rocks in it to represent earth.

Another small kitchen dish can be used in place of a real cauldron (just no cooking/burning in it unless safe)

mixing, cooking, grinding, burning… it can so many things.

A wand can be made of any natural material. Wood is most common since all woods have unique Powers.

You can make your own or just find a stick in the woods that calls to you and use that.

Wands can be used for divination and channeling energy. They can be used to cast and recall circles, in place of the athame.

The  wand goes on the South, for the power of will and transformation or to the North for Knowledge.
It also represents yang, or God energy

Candles are another multi purpose tool.  It naturally represents the Fire Element but you can burn a blue one for Water, a yellow one for Air, or green for Earth.

Candles can also represent the God and Goddess.

Candles have their own unique magic all on their own.

You can find all kinds of cheap candles at the dollar stores.

Other Tools

These tools are things we use to help enhance our energies. 

A Boline is a “working” knife. It is used for cutting of herbs, ribbons, engraving candles, and other physical work.

A dedicated Kitchen Paring knife works great.

Can represent the Air Element in place of the Incense on your altar.

Great tool for fanning incense, smudge smoke and cleanse energy fields.

Another fairly cheap find in the craft section of different stores.

It’s scientific fact that Crystals put off their own vibrations and energy. They have been used as healing stones for centuries.

Often used to represent the Earth Element on the altar, Gemstone and crystals can help infuse your workings with their specific energies. Stones/Crystals can also be used to represent other Elements they may be associated with.
Example: Carnelian is associated with the Fire Element.

Stones and crystals can be found various places in nature.  Every type of crystal/stone has it’s own associations but be sure to use whatever feels right for you.

Most practitioners keep a book that they record in and reference during their journey. Similar to this site. I also have a physical book, although I really do need to write in it more.  I started it years ago.

Keeping records help you learn your path, especially if you weren’t raised in it.  It gives you a place to keep track of your thoughts, energy work, rituals and more.

A cheap notebook works just as well as a more expensive elaborate journal.

Herbs and plants have been in use for centuries in different aspects.  The represent the Earth Element and have been used in medicines, fragrances and food since the dawn of man.

This also includes Essential Oils derived from these plants.

Found all over nature. Fairly cheap in the stores as well.

For centuries people have used “noise” to honor spirits and repel evil ones. Churches ring bells to rejoice and memorialize. 

A bell can be placed on your alter and used as you see fit. Often it is used in memorial, to call upon energies or to open/close rituals.

Good thrift store or dollar store find.

A Besom is a “witch’s” broom.

Used to sweep away negative energies before ceremonies or energy work. Can also be used to do the same for your house or any general area.  Broom folklore has been around for ages.

It’s important to have a tool or two that can sweep away negative energy, the Wand can do this as well.

You can make a Besom out of one long stick and a bunch of smaller ones. Sticks found anywhere your local trees are.

Those are the most common tools used on my spiritual path. There are hundreds of tools that you can use and I may add to this list as time goes on.  Always use what feels right for you and always Cleanse your Tools if you’ve never used them before!!

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