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My Belief – Intro

"The Kingdom of God is Inside you and all around you. Not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and you shall find me, Lift a rock and I am there."

Although not the exact words of Jesus Christ, the above statement sums up things he has said and that are documented in the Gospel of Thomas.

This is an intro into my beliefs and how I’ve come to believe what I do.  It is not definitive as my beliefs may alter a bit as I learn and research new things.  It’s broken down into parts because there is quite a bit of ground to cover and thoughts to explain. 

If you do not have an open mind or are offended by the idea that Jesus may have been married, that there is a female Goddess – then this isn’t the post for you. Maybe not even the site for you.

These are my personal beliefs, take them or leave them. It’s what I base my faith on after years of doing my own research into the various topics I will cover. I am always up for open minded, civil conversation so if you have honest  or though provoking questions feel free to ask in the comments!

Onto a brief overview of my core beliefs:

The Bible:
I believe the bible is a great book to guide your life with. It can offer comfort, words of wisdom, advice, and spiritual peace.  I also believe that it has been severely edited for various reasons. I do not agree with how the books of the bible that we know as “Cannon” today got chosen. I believe the human powers that be have twisted and manipulated the original words to fit their agendas and a lot has been lost in translation.  I do not believe all of it as actual fact but stories to guide and give a moral compass.

Jesus Christ:
I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe he existed and that he died on the cross. I believe he sacrificed himself so that we may know there are things and beliefs worth dying and sacrificing for. I believe he was the Son of God as we are all Sons and Daughters of God. He was a man blessed with knowledge and the gift of prophecy, he was a promoter of peace and human rights – just like Mohammad and Gandhi.

I believe Jesus was married and possibly even had children.  Who was he married to?  I can’t say for sure but I personally think Mary Magdalene is a great candidate.   She means more to Jesus than the Catholic Church will admit to and is mentioned quite often in the Dead Sea Scrolls as his most devout disciple. I don’t know if he had children or not, but I would not doubt it. Creation is what life is about.

I believe in God – but not in the way normal Christians do. I believe God is part of a Divine Trinity but not the main stream Trinity most think of
:: Father – Son – Holy Ghost ::
My Trinity is more like
:: The One – God – Goddess ::
I tend to believe that between the God and the Goddess – they created us and our magnificent world.

I believe God had an equal at his side, the Goddess. She was with him when he created the heavens and the Earth. They created man and woman in their image. Everything has balance. Male/Female  – Light/Dark

The ONE:
The ONE to me is Alpha & Omega. This is where some of my Wiccan beliefs come into play.  I believe The ONE is not female nor male but aspects of both. It’s the creative force and spark that ignited and created our whole universe.  It’s omnipotent and the very core of all life force.

I have no “Name” for this but I believe it exists. Every thing has balance including good and bad.  Evil is the destruction of life with malicious intent. It’s sadistic and cruel. I believe we all have a little darkness in us to help balance us out but evil is when that scale is tipped and negative energy manifests in harmful ways. It is important to keep yourself balanced if not shifted just a tad more towards the light.

I believe in reincarnation as well as a type of “heaven”. I am still unsure about “hell”. I almost believe Hell could be being reborn multiple times here on earth to a life that is ultimate chaos with no peace or simply going into a sort of non existence. I believe we are reborn in general to learn new things. To become more “God Like” in our spirits and souls. I believe once we have achieved and learned what we needed to we are then able to have a rest in paradise if we wish. I don’t think we are always “reborn” right away – there may be a time of waiting while our spirits are being “judged” on what we need to learn in order to evolve.
I believe in spirits and souls that we have met before and can recognize in our current lives. I believe spirits can send us messages if we just pay attention to them.

I believe in karma and the 3 fold rule.  What you put out into the universe comes back to you. The energy you put out affects people, therefore it is bound to affect you too.

Casting Spells:
I don’t really consider it casting spells so much as casting or directing energy. I believe we can focus positive or negative energy to help achieve and influence what we desire. I believe natural elements, symbols and colors help to aid in this. I do not believe you can “make” someone do something that they wouldn’t normally do on their own but I do believe you can influence the process in various ways. I believe you should always have pure and moral intentions when casting energy, as anything you put out will come back to you.

“All paths up the mountain lead to the top” – I believe that if you are involved with any religion or spiritual path that brings you peace, teaches you to love your fellow man – differences and all, helps you practice forgiveness and compassion, keeps you humble and appreciative and gives you a moral compass – than you are on the right path for you. God goes by many names as does the Goddess. They are recognized and worshiped in various ways all over the globe. It is our very story of creation.

So that sums it up for the most part. I plan on going into further explanations in individual posts in the future so I can cite references as well.  I just wanted to give a brief over view of the basics of what I personally base my beliefs and faith on.  Thanks for reading and drop a comment if you have a question or something I said resonates with you.

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