The 3 C’s – Cleanse, Charge, Consecrate

Cleansing is such an important spiritual concept and practice. It’s widely known and practiced in all types of beliefs.
Charging and Consecrating are not quite as cmmonly spoken about. 

These steps will help to clear negative energy, dedicate tools as sacred and embed them with energy.  If you feel an item only needs to be Cleansed, than that’s ok too. It’s your path to follow.

Cleanse – Consecrate – Charge
The 3 C’s

There are many different ways that you can go about giving yourself and your space a spiritual cleansing.  Depending on the path you follow and your own personal preferences – there is something out there for everyone!

It is important when practicing energy work with new tools that you have cleansed them before use.  It’s also good to cleanse them on occasion whenever you feel the energy in them has shifted or the mood strikes.
Cleansing yourself is more than just hygiene. We all build up energy and sometimes it’s negative. It’s best to cleanse yourself so you can wash away any negativity that you may be holding on to.

Cleansing can be as simple or complex as you feel necessary.
Anything from a full Ritual to just letting an item soak in the rain.  Here are some simple ways to cleanse items, yourself and your space:

Always be sure to keep a mantra in your thoughts as your cleanse your items.
  A cleansing spell, or just something simple like “I release all negative energy from this “…” – May only positive energy find a place here”

  • Incense – Burn sage (or other cleansing herbs: rosemary, lavender) and pass it around the space to be cleansed. For items – pass the item through the smoke.
  • Rain Water – Allow the item to sit out in the rain. Natural water is a great cleanser. Stand in the rain to wash away negative energy and cleanse yourself.
  • Soil – Bury the item in the soil.  Earth is a great element to cleanse your tools. Can be left overnight or for a whole moon cycle, depending on how strong lingering energies are.
  • Salt Water – Mix salt with water and spray around space. You can also submerge/spray/anoint tools to cleanse them. You can also soak in a salt bath to cleanse yourself.
  • Crystals – Crystals are great for helping release the negative energy inside of yourself. Simply hold the crystal and focus on releasing the negative and welcoming the positive. Can be used in combination with a salt water bath for better affect. Selenite is a crystal you can use to cleanse other crystals. Just leave the crystal needing cleaning upon the Selenite.
  • Sweep – a Besom (witches broom) is an old symbol that still is used today. Sweeping away negative energy is great for helping to clear a room or space.
  • Fire – Pass an item through the flame of a candle to allow fire to cleanse it.
  • Lunar/Solar – Bath the item in solar or lunar light to allow the energies to cleanse it.

Always be aware of what you are doing – some of these methods may be hazardous to the material of your items. Metal left in water will rust, wood will burn, certain crystals will dissolve in water or fade with too much Sun. If you are unsure, burning sage and passing the item through the smoke is always a safe and easy method.

There are many methods, rituals, spells and other ways to “cleanse” whatever you need.  Find one that works for you or create your own.  Be sure you are focusing on releasing the negativity. Without thought and attention on your part, your actions will be useless.

Charging an item is empowering it with energy. Weather it’s positive energy in general or you charge the energy to align with your intentions and specific purposes.

Charging isn’t always needed. I wouldn’t charge all my crystals just because I have them; most I would just cleanse. If I primarily use a piece for ritual, I’d do all 3 C’s. If I wanted to use it as an amulet or talisman, I’d charge it.

I personally charge all my main tools with positive energy to start.  I may charge my candles and various herbs/crystals for specific use.

Charging an item requires building energy and placing it into the item. 

Some ways to charge items include:

  • Essential Oils -Rub with oils (your preference for what your doing) while focusing on what your intentions are.
  • Yourself – Dance – chant – meditate to raise power and pour that into your item.
  • Lunar – Place the item in the moonlight to charge with Moon properties. Full/New moons work best and be sure to pick item up before the sun rises.
  • Solar – Place the item in the Sun all day to charge it with properties of the Sun. Pick it up before the Moon rises.
  • Crystals – Lay item on a crystal for a day or two in order to absorb the energy and properties from the crystal.

Consecrating an object is making it sacred, usually by some form of rite, blessing or dedication.

Not everything needs to be Consecrated. I personally only consecrate my main tools and altar items. (Wand, Athame, Goddess/God Statues) Usually cleansing and charging are enough.

Consecrating an item makes it a sacred and it should then be treated as such.  Always take care of your sacred items and tools.

While a ritual is usually best to consecrate an object, you can make it as simple or complex as you choose.  The path you follow is yours, only you can say what feels right to you.

Ways to Consecrate an item include:

  • Prayer – Say a prayer over the item and dedicate it’s use to the God/ess
  • Essential Oils – If the oils are cleansed, charged and consecrated – you can anoint the tool with blessing symbols.
  • Elements – consecrate an item by Air, Earth, Fire and Water in ritual: run it through incense smoke, sprinkle some salt on it, pass it over a fire flame and sprinkle some water on it.
Lunar - Solar and Crystal Energies can both Cleanse and Charge items.

When, Where and How you choose to practice the 3 C’s is up to you.  It is advised to at least cleanse!! Cleansing your spirit, house, and surroundings is vital to clearing out old, stagnant, negative energy! It is also necessary to cleanse any new tools you will be using in energy/spell work.  Old energies can interfere with what your intentions are.

So there you have it.
The 3 C’s!

Blessed Be and May Your Days Be Filled With Light.


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