Witchy Ways

Calling the Elements (Quarters)

Calling the Quarters is usually preformed during circle casting and rituals, although they can be called upon anytime you need that extra boost of energy.

I use the following to Call upon the Elements and pay respect to them.

Elements of Creation –
I pay respect to thee,
Bless me with the power of your energy.

Air to the North-
Share with me your knowledge true.
Earth to the East-
Bring balance and stability to all that I do.
Fire to the South-
Give me courage and strength to endure,
Water to the West-
Cleansing to help keep my intentions pure.

Always remember to thank and dismiss the Elements when you are done.

“Elements of Creation-
I give Thanks to thee,
I now release your energy.”

I call upon the Elements myself when activating my altar. I will recite the above and as I get to each Element I will touch and acknowledge it on the Altar.
For Example – when I say “Air to the North” I focus my attention there and will wave my hand about the incense smoke or touch the feather.

I also call upon them during Rituals and Circle Casting.

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