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Honoring The Divinity

This is my go-to for honoring the divine. I use it a lot as a base and will often add my intentions to the end of it if I am doing energy work.

I use this at the beginning of my rituals, when activating my altar, doing energy work or just in general to pay respect and honor the Divine Trinity.

Honoring the Divine is a main component of my path. Without the Divine, there is nothing. It’s the first thing I do in any sort of cleansing or spiritual workings.

With perfect Trust & perfect Love –
I honor the Lord God – Father above.
With an open heart I send my call-
To honor the Lady Goddess – Mother of all
I honor THE ONE, Divine Creator –
Alpha & Omega – There is none greater.
I lift my spirit and honor thee-
Sacred and Holy Trinity.

This can stand alone to just honor the Divine or it can be followed by your intentions.  For example if you are wanting to release negativity:

“Banish the negativity from within this place –
May only positive energy enter this space.
With the Blessing of the The Trinity –

As I will so mote it be.”

I do not believe the Divine Powers bend to our will but I do believe that by paying them respect and honoring them you can ask for their assistance and energies to help you.

When doing energy work I often call the quarters after I honor The Trinity.


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