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12 Days of Solstice – Creative Journey *Days 1 & 2

Yule Season is upon us. Since October I have been trying to be more active in my spirituality. Not just with study (transferring info to this site, working on my hand written Grimoire) but by actively making it a part of my (almost) daily life.

I have set up my Altar and make sure to pay it and what it represents the attention deserved.  I have been seeking knowledge and learning new things while putting the knowledge into actual practice.

I joined in a group that had a unique way to celebrate Yule and I felt compelled to participate.  Every day for 12 days we are given a guided meditation and several “ideas” or “prompts” –  This is to inspire us to look inward and Create.  Whatever “Creating” means to us. The 12 days lead up to the Winter Solstice, leading us into the dark and inward so that we may reflect, inspire and create while we anticipate returning sun.
Below you will find the outcomes of my Creative Journeying.

Day 1

I was excited to start this journey and settled in to listen to the first guided meditation. Afterwards, I sat down with my pencil and paper, fully expecting to write a beautifully inspired poem. Poetry and writing are my natural outlets after all.  I did manage to get two lines out before I quickly felt that was not how I wanted to release my inspiration.  I turned the page and began to draw.

I am not a person who can “draw” – I would say I can doodle but not really what I would consider draw. I figured my “doodles” could be Art … why not? So I began. I started with the path I was on in my meditation and went from there.  I think it turned out quiet well and would now almost say “I can draw”.  No one has to understand my Art but me. 

Click for Full Image

Drawing this picture somehow sparked an interest for me in Sigil Crafting. I spent the evening of Day 1 learning about Sigils and how to make/use them.

Day 2

Meditation for Day 2 had me working on my craft off and on all day.  One of the symbols for the day was a “wand, dowsing rod, or other magickal stick”. I had just recently made my own Holly Wand so I grabbed that and ran my hands over my crystals to see who wanted to join me in my meditation. Carnelian decided to play.

I it some Dragon’s Blood Incense, sat down with my Wand and Carnelian, grounded myself and began the meditation.

In  the guided meditation there was a “figure” – this turned out to be my Grandmother.  I visit her often in meditations but I felt like this time She visited me. It was beautiful, relaxing and inspiring.  Once I was finished, I had the urge to go outside and take pictures of my Wand and stone.  I love the way they turned out.
Click on a picture below to view Full Size.

While looking at the photo’s I took, I felt inspired to make a digital piece. I say I can’t draw but I can manipulate graphics using various programs I have knowledge of.  It’s been a hobby of mine for years. I was inspired to do something to honor my grandma and the vision I had in my meditation. 
This is the result:


  I then  decided to take my new found love for Sigils and create something for what today has brought me.  I have been practicing Sigil Crafting only for a few hours but I think I have found a new outlet, both in energy work and artistically. I spent most of the day working on this.
I love with how it turned out and it means so much to me.

It means “She is With Me“. 
It has sigils for the phrase, for my name, my Grandmothers name, and the Words:  Wisdom, Peace, Grandma, Love, Crone, and Balance.
It also features the “Tree Of Life” with it’s Roots in honor of my blood line, and a beautiful mountain scene that I love to “doodle” and always gives me peace. 
Weighted down with a Citrine, Carnelian, Rose and Emerald for this photo opp.

I also created the image at the top of this article to honor Yule and the path I am on.

So that wraps up Days 1 & 2. Still no poetry yet, I admit I am a little surprised, but we have 10 more days to go!
  I will be posting all 12 Days so be sure to come back in a few days to see what else my Soul creates!!
Blessed Yule!!

My Personal Sigil


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