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12 Days of Solstice – Creative Journey *Days 3 – 5

The weather is getting colder and snow is beginning to fall. Yule season is upon us and the Winter Solstice draws closer.

I joined in a group that had a unique way to celebrate Yule and I felt compelled to participate.  Every day for 12 days we are given a guided meditation and several “ideas” or “prompts” –  This is to inspire us to look inward and Create.  Whatever “Creating” means to us. The 12 days lead up to the Winter Solstice, leading us into the dark and inward so that we may reflect, inspire and create while we anticipate returning sun.
Below you will find the outcomes of my Creative Journeying.

Days 1&2 –> Here

Day 3

Day 3’s meditation led me through a spiral path and into the cosmos where I soared with the stars. I came across a floating door made of water and when I put my hand through I pulled out an apple. I tucked it away and went on. Upon landing in a meadow I heard wind chimes, calling me so I followed. I came upon a group celebrating and was invited to join by a man I didn’t know but I knew I was safe here. After partaking in the festivities for awhile I sat to fire gaze. A symbol flashed in my mind and phoenix burst forth from the flame and dropped a golden coin at my feet as a gift.


After this meditation I pondered what the gold coin could mean. Later that evening I got a phone call and actually started a new job. The coin was my sign.

Day 4

I am here within this ancient old tree,
and there’s a secret passage that’s just for me.
A spiral star that leads down, down, down
Leading me deep into the ground.
The cavern of my soul, lit by my dreams,
Bright with Mystery – so it seems.
Sun and Moon upon crystal stone,
I do not travel this path alone.
A piece of me, a lock of hair
I leave upon the altar there
A sign of Faith, Hope, and Love
so I may possess these virtues above.
Return to the stairs and up I go
Into the meadow and the full moon’s glow>
To the stars I direct my gaze
and ponder upon the ancient ways.
I shall linger here for just a spell
in this meadow where fairies dwell.
Time can pass, a day – a week
I will eventually find what I seek.

Day 4’s meditation inspired the poem above.  I thought this process would have me writting alot more, but I am finding my creativity coming in new forms. New digital art and actual drawings.  I am enjoying this new creative outlet.

Day 5

Today’s meditation started with a spiral down as I floated and had the image of being lowered down in cusped hands. Down back in into the cavern of my Soul where I dove into an underground pool where I became free and weightless. Yet I could feel the comforting weight of the water around me like a heavy quilt wrapping every part of my body. Swiming in the depths of mother herself. After some frolicking, I burst forth from the water and became the Phoenix that visited me on day 3. I soared through the sky and took in the beautiful views from above, the sun warming and comforting. Moon and sun where in the sky. Upon in landing back in my meadow from yesterday, I laid on the ground and felt myself root into the earth yet expand to the sky. I became a great tall tree. Strong and ancient, dancing in the wind. Taking in the view of where I’ve been and where I am going. Slowly I return back to myself and a fox friend who joined me yesterday joined me again as we set off on the path once again.
Reflection: I think the phoenix is my fire coming through. Both my moon and Sun signs are fire. The water is and always has been soothing and appealing to me because of this.


 It seems during meditations my vision changes right before she guides the change and the similarities are uncanny.


Be sure to come back to see Days 6 – 12!

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