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12 Days of Solstice – Creative Journey *Days 6 – 8

This has been an amazing journey. It’s half way over and I am proud that I have made sure to participate everyday.  This journey has led me further down my path than I was and I am grateful for the inspiration and understanding that is coming to me.

I joined in a group that had a unique way to celebrate Yule and I felt compelled to participate.  Every day for 12 days we are given a guided meditation and several “ideas” or “prompts” –  This is to inspire us to look inward and Create.  Whatever “Creating” means to us. The 12 days lead up to the Winter Solstice, leading us into the dark and inward so that we may reflect, inspire and create while we anticipate returning sun.
Below you will find the outcomes of my Creative Journeying.

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Day 6

The dark is coming but do not fear
For you have been preparing through the year
We must journey within the longest night
To experience again the sun’s warm light
The birthing of light through darkness of Moon
The Son is born from the ancient womb.
The Sun will rise, The Oak will win
As The Holly receedes with the dark again.
As it has been, it shall always be
For The wheel turns thru eternity
So embrace the dark welcome the reflection
Seek your path, find your direction
Gather the rosemary and mistletoe
Harvested with love where wild things grow
Light your fire and dance as it burns
For the light draws closer as the wheel turns.

Meditation was a little scattered for me this time around but something beautiful still emerged from the process. I felt a strong pull to write and honor Yule in general….

Day 7

The ocean is always a soothing place for my first spirit. I will always choose to go in, to submerge myself in the waters of life. Comforting and cleansing. The sand reminds me how we are all but grains of sand. Entire world’s are created from star dust sand. I will always seek wisdom though I will never aquire it all.

Day 8

Meditation was relaxing today and although I had beautiful visions – I had an urge to make some art for the wall of my altar. It represents my path. The Elements, The Wheel of The Year and the Divine Trinity.  I did change where the season are (after I took pic) so they are in order. I didn’t realize they were out of order until after the picture was taken. Summer is in the right spot but I shuffled the other 3.


I also had the urge to completely redo my altar. I moved it and brought it down lower for easy access and created a center disc for it as well as the wall art. I am much happier with my new sacred space this journey has led me to create. I can now sit and meditate in front of my altar as well as it’s better for practical for use.


Be sure to stop back by for the last stretch of this Creative Journey (Days 9 – 12)

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