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12 Days of Solstice – Creative Journey *Days 9-12

The final days of my creative journey. Days 9 – 12

I joined in a group that had a unique way to celebrate Yule and I felt compelled to participate.  Every day for 12 days we are given a guided meditation and several “ideas” or “prompts” –  This is to inspire us to look inward and Create.  Whatever “Creating” means to us. The 12 days lead up to the Winter Solstice, leading us into the dark and inward so that we may reflect, inspire and create while we anticipate returning sun.
Below you will find the outcomes of my Creative Journeying.

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Day 9

This journey has led me down some amazing paths. I have been seeking knowledge, council and direction.  The images can be cryptic but I feel this journey leading me further down my chosen path.

I climb the mountain, to the tops – unafraid of the heights. On the way I am gifted a feather – a sacred quill. My strength is in my words, my writing. I am both poet and visionary. The Eagle grants me his energy to see beyond my own sight. A well awaits for me. A wishing well, a well of knowledge and wealth. I draw up the bucket and find a gold coin and apple. I am at peace here with the snowy valley below me.

Day 10

Down the mountain, on the path again I stand in front of the secret garden.  I wish to enter but it’s locked. The man from previous meditations is there and he offers me a key.  I try this key but it does not work. I follow the path, round and round into a spiral and there in the center is a beautiful rose crystal. I lift the crystal and find myself within the garden.  Others are here and there is a huge, ancient, magickal temple before us.  We are at peace, gathering and preparing for the coming of the sun.

Day 11 & 12

Days 11 and 12 were about reflection for me. I started a new job during this journey and with all the holiday celebration preparations going on – life has been busy.  I took time the 11th and 12th to just listen to the guided meditations and reflect.

This journey has led me further into myself, my beliefs and how I want to experience my life.  I’ve taken time to work on my hand written grimoire and reflect on where I am headed. I’ve been adding to my altar and refreshing my knowledge and workings with crystals and herbs.

For the Winter Solstice I shall light my altar candles and allow them to burn all night long, encouraging and welcoming the return of the sun.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and viewing the creativity that has come forth because of it.  What you see here is just a small bit – a reflection of the path that I am on.

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