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Spiritually Excited for the New Year

I am ending 2019 on a good note.  I turned 40 in August and felt a shift in my life and a need for … something more.  I turned back to my spirituality and practice.  It has been a wonderful experience and journey.

Since October I have actively been practicing my spiritual path and beliefs.  I have been cleansing negative energy regularly and learning more about energy work and different herbs and crystals. Not only learning but applying that knowledge to my life as well.

I am in love with my current altar.  For Christmas I got a new set of Tarot Cards. It’s the Dreams of Gaia Set and let me tell you, it is absolutely beautiful.


I started a Tarot Journal so that I can keep track of readings and patterns.

With the new supplies I’ve been getting I needed a bit more storage. I went out and got a little chest box. Plane for now but I plan on decorating it myself in the future.  I returned to work, only part time for now – but it’s allowed me to spend a little extra on my path and to help out with bills around the house.  This is my new sacred space and supply area:

I’ve also been working on my hand written Grimoire – and just recently started a binder for a more in-depth Grimoire.  I am super excited to be working on both books.  So much information and beautiful knowledge. I use the small one for quick reference and personal drafts of spells. The binder is for more in-depth research, theories and other items.


I also subscribed to “The Witches Moon” subscription box. I should get my first box within the first couple weeks of Janurary. I plan on doing an unboxing for it.  I am super excited.

Imbolc is approaching and January’s box is based around that and the Goddess Brigid.  Brigid is one of the only female Goddess’s I feel drawn to – so I am over the moon to receive my items.

So this is how I am ending 2019 and bringing in 2020. Getting back in touch with my spiritual side and manifesting my own reality. Letting go of what no longer serves me and bringing in the new change and growth needed for a positive and fulfilling exsistance.

May 2020 bring you many blessings and joy as you travel upon your path.

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