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Disposing of Spell Remains

Once a spell is done – weather it’s a one time spell or one you work for awhile, you need to dispose of the remains.

You put a lot of energy and effort into your work, throwing it in the trash may just throw all that work away as well.  Disposal of spell remains should always have the same respect the spell itself had.

Make sure your disposal method does not contradict your desired outcome by completing your spell work following the disposal methods outlined below:

Method of DisposalWhen to UseSpell examples
Burying in your BackyardTo maintain desired circumstance, finances, a person or a possession in your life.Marriage, Prosperity, Protection, Harmonious family, Health spells
Burying in your Front YardTo welcome something new into your life, such a new person, a life experience or health.Attract NEW love, New career/life-path, Attract a new experience, such as travel, Health, Marriage proposal spells
Burying in a Targets/Business Yard/PropertyTo curse, bless or to influence a specific person/business or family.Love, Protection, Curse, Influence/Manipulation, prosperity spells

Releasing Into a Stream/River/Natural Lakes/Ocean

Throwing into A Fire

To release negative circumstances or emotions. To deliver a curse or influence a person in a distant or unknown location. **If cursing, it is recommended the fire is not on your property grounds.Banishment, Curses, Release of emotions, influence/manipulation spells,

Blowing/Throwing Ashes 

(When you only have ashes from paper, without any wax)

General multi-purpose release of spellwork energy into the universe.Protection, Emotional, Healing spells. * Blow in direction of target to curse or influence.
Leaving them on Railroad Tracks

To release negative circumstances. To deliver a curse or influence a person in the direction of the running train(s) *If cursing, avoid the train and railroad tracks for at least 3 nights.

**Leave on abandoned tracks To separate yourself or other people from each other or a situation.

Banishment, curse, emotional, influence/manipulation spells. Break up spells on abandoned tracks.
Leaving on the road or intersection.
If you know the direction of the target leave the remains in the traffic lane headed that way.
To release negative circumstances. To deliver a curse or influence a person in an unknown location use a busy intersection.Banishment, curse, love, release, influence/manipulation spells

The most direct way to curse or to influence is to leave remains at targets front door or driveway.

Remnants must be inconspicuous and discreet. Such as ashes mixed with a bit of dirt.

We do not recommend continuous burial of non perishable items. When using jars for spells you can rid the biodegradable contents, so you can then cleanse (physically and spiritually) and reuse the jar, unless you feel the whole jar must be disposed of.  Always be aware of your environment and the impact of your actions.

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