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Water Types and Uses

Water is an Element that is found all over the Earth in many different forms and from many different sources.  Here is a list of different types of water and what they are best used for regarding magickal workings.

Rain Water
Has multi-purposeful uses, predominantly used for creating growth, protection and change.

Sea Water
Used in healing, cleansing, protection and banishing.

River Water
Used for creating changes, moving on and letting go of negativity, warding and focusing energy.

Lake Water
Used to instill peace, happiness and contentment.

Moon Water
Used for purifying, cleansing and balancing.

Sun Water
Used to encourage strength, positive energy and purification.

Storm Water
Used for strength, emotional strength, motivation, force and curses.

Dew Water
Good for Fae work, love, beauty, health and fertility as well as calmness.

Snow Water
Used for new beginnings, purity and encouraging transformation.

Well Water
Used to empower wishes, healing and strengthening intuition.

Ice/Frost Water
Used for purity, creativity and encouraging transformation.

Swamp Water
Used for banishing and binding.

Pond Water
Associated with relaxations and self-reflection.

Creek/Stream Water
Used to create harmony, purification and cleansing.

Fog/Mist Water
Used for creativity and balance.

Waterfall Water
Used to create power, success and energy.

Harbor Water
Associated with abundance, protection, banishing and encouraging prosperity.

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