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It’s been a few months since I’ve posted here, but I’ve been walking this path with dedication none the less.  I have been creative this year in my spirituality.  I have embraced the fire that dominates my birth chart and used it to fuel my creativity.

Wood burning, writing poetry, reading, working spells, meditation, ritual baths – I’ve submersed myself in it all.

I recently got my first pendulum and just finished my divination board for it today!


I love how it turned out. Wood burning has been such a great new hobby for me.  It’s also a way I can earn some extra income.  I’ve already sold a few pieces.

Speaking of money… $ With everything going on in the world this year has been good to us. I started a money bowl at the begining of the year and the husband and I have both gotten raises since.  I did a spell to release some funds that were blocked up and a few days later they were released.  We were approved for a brand new car and bills are being paid. I keep working the bowl and refresh it often. I also charge it with a candle on occasion. I add money in – I take money out. I do leave in a few special bills and coins to give some added energy.


I post quite a bit on the Beautiful Belief Facebook page – be sure to check it out and follow along – give it a like.  You’ll see my witch crafting as I do it.  I have many things I’d like to post here but haven’t gotten to it – things like making a flower crown – making a rose stem wand – creating Bride Dolls and Travel altars.

My spirituality kicked my crafty side into high gear.  It’s a wonderful feeling and has brought a lot of good energy and peace into my soul and home.

For a few months I’ve been thinking of doing an attraction spell for like minded friends. I want friends in my area who I can celebrate the Sabbats with and who follow the same general ideas.  I don’t just do spells for any reason so I hadn’t done this one yet as I was just giving it the thought process it deserved –
Today – I get a random friend request from someone local with a message that they weren’t being weird, just felt compelled to reach out. I accepted and responded back – a genuine and general conversation ensued. I think the universe knew what I was needing and sent me a new friend with similar beliefs and practices!! I am excited for this new friendship and really am grateful for the manifesting that has been happening for me this year.  This year has been so strange and so many things are shifting. There is definitely a time of change upon us over the next few years.

I’ve also been working on three different Books of Shadows. One is a scrapbook that I will hand down – and two are more personal to my practice and spellwork.  I’ve also been compiling an online file in my google drive account of various witch related E-books, files and tips.

I am sorry I haven’t been as up to date here on my site. I am going to try and do better. I have plans to finish articles on the sabbats as well as information on Chakras and a few book reviews.

Hang in there with me if your a follower and Remember follow Beautiful Belief on Facebook or Follow me on Instagram to see more of practice! Blessed be and may light shine upon the path of all who pass by here.

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