Chakra Basics

"There is a deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it"

Everything has energy. Energy flows through and around us constantly. It is important to be able to keep this energy flowing openly. Working with your chakras is a great way to stay attuned to yourself and the world of energy that flows through everything.

Our chakras are points in our bodies where this energy flows through.  The 7 most common chakras in our bodies are distinct energy centers that start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your spine. They regulate  all parts of your bodily system, influencing everything from emotional processing to resistance to disease.

The concept traces back to early Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism in particular documents up to seven chakras. Meanwhile, Buddhism mentions just five. The etymology of the word partly comes from ancient Hindu texts, where it is used to mean “wheel”. It is also said to relate to the Greek word “Kuklos”, and the Anglo-Saxon word “hveohl”. These all designate a wheel of some sort.

Collectively, the seven chakras symbolize different planes of con­sciousness. The higher they are located in the body, the higher the level of consciousness they represent. In other words at the bottom you find the primitive instincts, in the middle there is human behavior and to­wards the top are the more intellectual and divine aspects.

Click on each Chakra below to see more information on it.

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara – thousand petal
Element: No element, or thought
Color: Violet or white
Shape: Round scullcap
Petals of the lotus: One thousand
Seed sound: Ah
Vowel sound: Ngngng
Rights: To know and to learn
Endocrine gland: Pineal gland
Physical association: Central nervous system, cerebral cortex
Psychological function: Awareness, understanding
Identity: Universal identity
Developmental stage: Throughout life
Challenge: Attachment
Plane: Truth, reality
Planets: Uramis
Deity: The guru within
Mythological Animal: Eagle
Incense: Myrrh
Herb: Gotu Kola
Sephira: Kether

Sahasrara is the seat of cosmic consciousness and connects us to Divine intelligence and Divine grace.
The energy of this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature.
There is no intellectual knowing at the level of seventh chakra, but there is serenity, joy, and deep peace about life.
You have a sense of knowing that there is a deeper meaning of life and that there is an order that underlies all of existence.
The “way of the crown chakra” is the way of going beyond the limits of your own ego. It is the way of transcending the ego and knowing that all of creation is interconnected at a fundamental level.

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Crown Chakra: If your Crown Chakra becomes disturbed, you might not see much beauty in the world at all. You may also feel spirituality adrift and experience symptoms of depression. If you’re only starting to develop this type of block, you might just notice a decline in overall excitement or motivation. Physically, a blocked Crown Chakra can also occur at the same time as problems with physical coordination or chronic headaches.

Stones and Affirmations for blockages:

  • Clear quartz: A crystalline mineral linked to enhancing energy, you can use clear quartz to boost your spiritual attunement. It is a particularly good choice when you’re looking to get more clarity on what you want from life.
  • Sugilite: Sometimes known as a love stone, this lavender crystal is better used for spiritual grounding and for guarding you against negativity.
  • Selenite: Another mostly clear mineral, selenite is a lovely stone that is said to help open not only the crown chakra but also the third eye chakra. It can be useful in pushing you past stagnation and in propelling you forward.
  • “I am constantly connected to my highest self.”
  • “We are all on this earth to make a difference.”
  • “I am attuned to the divine energy of the universe.”
  • “I know my own spiritual truth and I live in accordance with it.”
  • “Today I am open to divine guidance.”
  • “I see the beauty in the world and I embrace it.”
  • “Lovingly, I emit light that attracts others who will bring love into my life.”
  • “I am love, I am light, and I am joy.”
  • “I am at one with the world around me.”
  • “Right now, I am confident, happy and sure of my worth.”

Sanskrit name: Ajna – To perceive, to command
Element: All elements combined, light
Color: Indigo
Shape: Five pointed star
Petals of the lotus: Two
Seed sound: Aum (Om)
Vowel sound: Mmmm
Rights: To see
Endocrine gland: Pituitary gland
Physical association: Eyes, base of skull, brow
Psychological function: Intuition, imagination
Identity: Archetypal identity
Developmental stage: Adolescence
Challenge: Illusion
Plane: Plane of austerity, home of the blessed
Planets: Saturn, moon
Deity: Hakini Shakti, Shiva
Mythological Animal: Hawk
Sense organ: Mind
Predominant sense: Neutral
Incense: Mugwort
Herb: Almond blossom
Sephira: Binah, Chokmah

Ajna, the sixth energy center, provides the energy for spiritual reflection and insight. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self reflection.
Through the gift of seeing we can internalize the outer world and with symbolic language we can externalize the inner world.
The energy of Ajna allows us to access our inner guidance that comes from the depths of our being. It allows us to cut through illusion and to access deeper truths – to see beyond the mind, beyond the words.

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Third Eye Chakra: You may struggle to have faith in your broader purpose if your Third Eye Chakra becomes blocked. So, you may feel there’s no point to what you’re doing, or feel it is insignificant. You might also be struck by your inability to make decisions. Some people describe this as a feeling of psychological paralysis. If you have a blocked Third Eye Chakra, you might have trouble sleeping, feel clumsy, and struggle to learn new things.

Stones and Affirmations to clear blockages:

  • Purple fluorite: This semi-precious gem is supposed to promote sharpened intuition and to clear up muddled thoughts. It’s an ideal third eye chakra crystal when you’re trying to make a difficult choice and want to get rid of irrelevant distractions.
  • Amethyst: A famous and beautiful precious stone, amethyst is traditionally connected to third eye headache relief as well as all forms of healing. Some people also use it to represent wisdom.
  • Black Obsidian: Another popular member of the third eye crystals group, black obsidian promotes balance between emotion and reason
  • “I follow the lead of my inner teacher.”
  • “I know how to make the right decisions, and I do so with ease.”
  • “I hear my intuitions and I know they will lead me to my purpose.”
  • “I am on my true path.”
  • “I live every day in accordance with my life’s purpose.”
  • “I trust the guidance that my third eye gives me.”
  • “I have unlimited possibilities available to me.”
  • “I am an intuitive person, and I know what is right for me.”
  • “It is safe and good to follow the guidance of my third eye.”
  • “My third eye is open and ready to see my purpose.”

Sanskrit name: Visuddha
Element: Akasha
Color: Blue
Shape: Crescent
Petals of the lotus: Sixteen
Seed sound: Ham
Vowel sound: Eee
Rights: To speak
Endocrine gland: Thyroid and Parathyroid gland
Physical association: Throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, and neck
Psychological function: Communication
Identity: Creative identity
Developmental stage: 7 -12 years
Challenge: Lies
Plane: Human plane, where the dark night of soul ends
Planets: Mercury
Deity: Sadasiva, Sakini
Mythological Animal: Elephant, bull, lion
Incense: Frankincense
Herb: Chamomile
Sephira: Geburah, Chesed

Vishuddha is your voice of authenticity and creative expression. It is the center of communicating of your own truth.The energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning.

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Throat Chakra: A blocked Throat Chakra primarily manifests in an inability to say what you really want to say. You may feel like you’re stuck holding onto secrets. Similarly, you may believe that people don’t want to hear your thoughts, or that you can’t find the right words for your feelings. Once again, a small blockage may mean you only struggle with self-expression at work, or with a particular friend. Meanwhile, a significant misalignment may mean you constantly feel thwarted in communication. Physically, a blocked Throat Chakra may present with pain in the neck, sensitivity to hormone fluctuations, and discomfort in throat tissue.

Stones and Affirmations to help blockages:

  • Lapus Lazuli: This semi-precious stone is sometimes called the “stone of truth”. Consequently, it’s an ideal stone to use when you’re trying to communicate more honestly.
  • Aquamarine: One of the most well-known throat chakra crystals, aquamarine has always represented courage and acceptance. You may gravitate towards this one if you have particularly significant communication issues in close relationships.
  • Amazonite: A beautiful turquoise stone, amazonite is said to protect you against negativity. So, try wearing it if you find that your fear of judgment holds you back from being honest.
  • Turquoise: Another semi-precious stone, turquoise is linked to boosting confidence in communication.
  • “I can vocalize my emotions, no matter what they are.”
  • “My voice is important in this world.”
  • “I honor my true voice, and I let it speak.”
  • “I am an empathetic listener and a clear communicator.”
  • “When I speak, my contributions are honest but balanced.”
  • “I can find the right words in all situations.”
  • “Others hear my voice.”
  • “I speak my true thoughts with ease.”
  • “Let go of doubt about the word I ‘should’ have said.”
  • “I am always understood by others.”

Sanskrit name: Anahata – unstruck
Element: Air
Color: Green
Shape: Crescent moon
Petals of the lotus: Twelve
Seed sound: Lam
Vowel sound: Ay
Rights: To love
Endocrine gland: Thymus
Physical association: Heart, lungs, circulatory system, arms, hands
Psychological function: Love
Identity: Social identity
Developmental stage: 3.5 to 7 years
Challenge: Grief
Plane: The plane of balance
Planets: Venus (lunar, feminine), Sun
Deity: Vishnu, Lakshmi, Krishna
Mythological Animal: Antelope, dove, birds
Sense organ: Skin
Predominant sense: Touch
Incense: Jasmin, lavender, rose
Herb: Yarrow, meadowsweet, oris root
Sephira: Tiphareth
Tarot suite: Swords

Anahata, the centre of unconditional love and compassion, is in the center of the human energy system. It is the center of your deep bonds with other beings, your sense of caring and compassion, your feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect. 

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Heart Chakra: When the Heart Chakra is blocked or misaligned, you’ll struggle to relate to other people. You may be less compassionate than usual and may be impatient. You’ll commonly find it harder than usual to trust, and you won’t feel at peace. Rather, you’ll feel restless and disgruntled. A blocked Heart Chakra can also manifest physically. Some Chakra experts think such a misalignment may be linked to issues like high blood pressure and low immune system function.

Stones and Affirmations to help blockages:

  • Jade: This semi-precious heart chakra stone is linked to balance, and to emotional healing. You can benefit from focusing on this stone when you are dealing with a loss or an emotional injury.
  • Green calcite: Traditionally used to absorb negativity, this is an excellent choice when you are finding it hard to feel empathy. This stone can help you focus on recovering from compassion fatigue.
  • Green aventurine: This stone is liked to energy, vitality, and inspiration. It is said to soothe difficult emotions, and to assist in bouncing back from emotional roadblocks.
  • Rose quartz: Heart chakra crystals aren’t always green. This pink stone is sometimes called the “heart stone” and is said to help you regain balance.
  • “I choose joy, compassion, and love.”
  • “I love myself unconditionally, and offer the same love to others.”
  • “My heart is free from all the wounds of the past.”
  • “I know my own emotions, and I accept whatever form they may take.”
  • “I forgive others, and I forgive myself.”
  • “Every day, I fulfill my heart’s desire.”
  • “I am open to love, and receive more of it every day.”
  • “I give love freely, and it brings me joy.”
  • “My heart chakra is open, and I am well.”
  • “I create supportive, loving relationships that are good for me.”

Sanskrit name: Manipura (jeweled city)
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow
Shape: Triangle (downward-pointing)
Petals of the lotus: Ten
Seed sound: Ram
Vowel sound: Ah
Rights: To act
Endocrine gland: Adrenals, pancreas
Physical association: Digestive system, liver, gall bladder
Psychological function: Will
Identity: Ego identity
Developmental stage: 18 – 42 months
Challenge: Shame
Plane: Celestial plane
Planets: Sun and Mars
Deity: Rudra, Lakini
Mythological Animal: Ram
Incense: Saffron, musk, sandalwood
Herb: Cinnamon, ginger
Sephira: Hod, Netzach
Tarot Suit: Wands

Manipura is your power center – this is your Core Self. It is where your will, power, and assertiveness originate. The gift of this chakra is sensing your power, being confident, responsible, and reliable. It is the center of your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline, as well as warmth in your personality.

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra: If there’s a blockage around the Solar Plexus Chakra, your confidence may be very shaky. If there is only a small blockage, there may only be insecurity in one specific area. A larger blockage can cause generalized self-esteem problems. You might be haunted by thoughts that you are not good enough. Or, you may feel unable to draw useful lessons from life’s challenges. Physical difficulties associated with a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra may include digestive discomfort and troubles with memory.

Stones and Affirmations to help clear blockages:

  • Amber: Your solar plexus chakra is marked as yellow on maps of the chakras, so yellow is often used to symbolize it more generally. Amber stones are an orangey-yellow in color, and they are linked to both confidence and mental clarity. Use this stone if you’re struggling to make a decision.
  • Yellow tourmaline: Yellow tourmaline is physically striking, and you’ll often see it advertised as a “detox” stone on a list of solar plexus crystals. It’s all about getting rid of negativity (both in views of yourself and the past).
  • Citrine: Another yellow solar plexus crystal, this pale stone is sometimes called the “success stone”. Any journey related to personal empowerment goes well with acquiring a piece of citrine, and you can also use citrine for self-esteem.
  • “I am the embodiment of inner peace and confidence.”
  • “I have high self-esteem and feel better about myself every day.”
  • “We don’t need to be in control of everything in our lives.”
  • “I’m powerful, and I am comfortable with that power.”
  • “I feel motivated to pursue my purpose.”
  • “I release myself from negative past experiences.”
  • “I’m ambitious, capable, and ready to fulfill my purpose.”
  • “I know I am worthy, good and capable.”
  • “I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I learn from them.”
  • “The only thing I need to control is how I respond to situations.”

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana
Element: Water
Color: Orange
Shape: Circle with crescent
Petals of the lotus: Six
Seed sound: VANG
Vowel sound: Oo
Rights: To feel, to want
Endocrine gland: Ovaries, testicles
Physical association: Womb, genitals, kidney, bladder
Psychological function: Movement and connection
Identity: Emotional
Developmental stage: 6 months – 2 years
Challenge: Guilt
Plane: Astral plane
Planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Moon
Deity: Indra, Rakini, Vishnu
Mythological Animal:
Incense: Gardenia, damiana
Herb: Fennel, corriander
Sephira: Yesod
Tarot Suit: Cups

Svadhisthana is the second energy center from the bottom. It’s color is orange and the primary drive of this energy center is pleasure. The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body. It allows you to experience this moment as it is, in its own fullness.

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Sacral Chakra: When there’s a problem with the Sacral Chakra, you’re likely to feel bored, listless and uninspired. You may have a low sex drive, and you’ll possibly feel afraid of (or resistant to) change. Physical symptoms associated with a blocked Sacral Chakra can include urinary discomfort, increased allergies and an attraction to addictive behaviors. These need not be related to drug or alcohol use. Shopping addiction, gambling, and issues with eating can all be linked to issues with the Sacral Chakra.

Stones and Affirmations to Clear Blockage:

  • Orange calcite: The sacral chakra’s color is orange, so many of the sacral chakra healing stones are orange as well. Orange calcite is said to enhance creativity, help you move past the emotional barrier, and reunite mind and body.
  • Moonstone: Moonstone comes in many colors, but you may want to opt for peach moonstone due to its connecting to stimulating the mind. It is also meant to reduce worry and carry a kind of loving energy.
  • Carnelian: This semi-precious gemstone has a reddish-brown hue, though it comes in various shades. It is perfect for sacral chakra work because it is the Singer’s Stone. This means it has an intrinsic link with your creativity and artistry.
  • Citrine: Citrine stones are a golden yellow in color, and they’re sometimes called the “stones of the mind.” It is also meant to increase self-esteem, which is ideal if your blocked sacral chakra is leading to reduced confidence or issues with jealousy.
  • “I deserve to experience pleasure and have my needs met.”
  • “I am confident that what I offer the world is enough.”
  • “It is safe to express my sexual self in fun, creative and healthy ways.”
  • “I attract relationships with loving, good people who will support me.”
  • “I know I can embrace change and make the best of my future.”
  • “Every day, I experience more and more joy and satisfaction.”
  • “I am full of inspiration and the potential for creation.”
  • “My body is vibrant, and I am comfortable inside it.”
  • “I am a strong, creative person and I love what I create.”
  • “I am ready for positive change and for deep personal growth.”

Sanskrit name: Muladhara – root support
Element: Earth
Color: Red
Shape: Square
Petals of the lotus: Four
Seed sound: LANG
Vowel sound: O
Rights: To have
Endocrine gland: Adrenal cortex
Physical association:The skeletal structure, teeth, large intestine, kidneys, blood
Psychological function: Survival and self preservation
Identity: Physical identity
Developmental stage: Womb to 12 months
Challenge: Fear
Plane: Physical plane
Planets: Saturn, Earth
Deity: Brahma, Dakini, Ganesha
Mythological Animal White elephant with seven trunks
Sense organ: Nose
Predominant sense: Smell
Incense: Cedar
Herb: Sage
Sephira: Malkuth
Tarot suite: Pentacles

The first of the seven energy centers, Muladhara is associated with the element of earth and grounding. it is your survival center. Your fight and flight response is initiated from this chakra. This is your primal, animal nature.

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Root Chakra: If your Root Chakra is blocked you may feel threatened, panicked or anxious. This anxiety can easily infiltrate your thoughts, making everything suddenly feel uncertain. You may also find that you can’t concentrate and that you’re constantly preoccupied with worries about your well-being. In some people, this can manifest as hypochondria or general paranoia. Physical issues potentially caused by a blocked Root Chakra include a sore lower back, low energy levels, and cold extremities.

Stones and Affirmations to help Clear Root Chakra:

  • Red Jasper. The root chakra’s associated color is red, so it’s no surprise that many of the root chakra stones are red as we. This one is linked to balancing, so it’s an ideal stone to have if you are battling erratic mood swings.
  • Red Carnelian. A pale red stone with orange hues, red carnelian is associated with strength, cleansing, and bravery. It is a good choice if you particularly struggle with fearfulness and can’t bring yourself to leave your comfort zone.
  • Obsidian. A black gemstone, obsidian is said to protect you from harm. You may draw some comfort from wearing it as you work to move to a place of greater security in your life.
  • Bloodstone. The stone itself is green. The name refers to its red spots. This semi-precious stone is linked to pushing away negative energy and increasing confidence. A perfect stone for combatting significant root chakra blocks.
  • “Wherever I am, I am safe and secure.”
  • “I am stable, grounded and relaxed in this moment.”
  • “All of my safety needs will always be met.”
  • “I have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and an abundant life.”
  • “I am anchored to the earth and supported by the universe.”
  • “The universe will always support me and show me where to go next.”
  • “I deserve and receive support whenever I need it.”
  • “The universe will always provide for me.”
  • “I feel my root chakra opening, and I feel myself stabilizing.”
  • “I am secure and happy in my home.”

The information above is just a quick overview of the 7 major chakras.  There are many ways to clear any blockages you may have including yoga and diet.  Our bodies are beautiful conductors of energy and we must be conscious of how that energy flows through us and from us.  Being conscious of my chakras help me to center myself and keep myself balanced.


There is a lot more information out there on Chakras and how to keep them balanced and everything flowing smoothly.  Be sure to do your own research.  There are some great references under our “About” section.

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