Eclectic Life

My life as an Eclectic Witch following the Christian Wiccan path.

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    Manifesting Magick

    It’s been a few months since I’ve posted here, but I’ve been walking this path with dedication none the less.  I have been creative this year in my spirituality.  I have embraced the fire that dominates my birth chart and…

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    Spiritually Excited for the New Year

    I am ending 2019 on a good note.  I turned 40 in August and felt a shift in my life and a need for … something more.  I turned back to my spirituality and practice.  It has been a wonderful…

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    Making a Wand

    Wands come in all different forms, shapes and sizes. Copper wands, Crystal wand and Wood wands are most common. Despite what your see in movies and stories, it is not the wand that creates magic, but the practitioner, who charges…

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    My Belief – Intro

    “The Kingdom of God is Inside you and all around you. Not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and you shall find me, Lift a rock and I am there.” Although not the exact words…

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    Coming Out of the Broom Closet (Again)

    Ever since a young age I knew I was a little different.  I went through a rough child hood but in my high school years I had a big shift in mentality and spirituality.  I began to broaden my horizons. …

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    What is a Christian Witch

    There is no clear cut, black and white answer to this. In it’s most basic form a Christian Witch is someone who believes in God in a similar way that Christianity teaches, yet also believes in a Goddess or Feminine…