Witchy Ways

Rituals, Invocations, Spells. My physical personal actions/words - that I use when I practice my spirituality and energy work. It is assumed you understand the basics and fundamentals before really diving into any items here.  If you don't understand them, this section won't do much for you at all but give a glimpse into how I practice.

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    Disposing of Spell Remains

    Once a spell is done – weather it’s a one time spell or one you work for awhile, you need to dispose of the remains. You put a lot of energy and effort into your work, throwing it in the…

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    Brigid- Working with The Goddess

    The Goddess Brigid goes by many names and has reached across several cultures.  She has crossed over into Christianity becoming St. Brigid of Kildare. She is The Goddess of BlackSmiths, Poets, Healers, Midwifes, and The Home and Hearth. She is…

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    Jesus- Working with Christ

    Jesus is The God in human form.  He is the Son, The Father and the Sacrificial King.  His birth a miracle, his life full of teachings and his death a sacrifice for us all. Jesus is a man, Christ inhibited…

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    Making a Wand

    Wands come in all different forms, shapes and sizes. Copper wands, Crystal wand and Wood wands are most common. Despite what your see in movies and stories, it is not the wand that creates magic, but the practitioner, who charges…

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    Calling the Elements (Quarters)

    Calling the Quarters is usually preformed during circle casting and rituals, although they can be called upon anytime you need that extra boost of energy. I use the following to Call upon the Elements and pay respect to them. Elements…

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    Honoring The Divinity

    This is my go-to for honoring the divine. I use it a lot as a base and will often add my intentions to the end of it if I am doing energy work. I use this at the beginning of…