Custom Poetry

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words¬† to say,
but worry not, for I can guide the way.
Side by side we’ll work it through,
Creating a special poem – just for you!

A custom one of a kind poem can be one of the best and most unexpected gifts. A cute Haiku, A romantic ballad, a fun little rhyme that will bring a smile to your loved one.

With over 30 years experience writing poetry you can rest assured I will work with you to get the little details that would make a custom poem special just to you and your loved one.

I have written countless poems for many people over the years and find the challenge of creating that something special and meaningful, quite fun

You can bundle a custom poem with a custom graphic to create an amazing, one of a kind, unique gift or keepsake.  The graphic with poem can be printed, framed or placed onto t-shirts and other items.

You can find examples of my poetry by reading the poetry categories on this site.

I look forward to working with you an creating something amazing and special. Contact me so we can get started!

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