Web Development

LMS is proud to offer custom web development and design. Having a website is mandatory in today’s technology fueled society. Business owners are able to reach thousands of more clients when they have their own online website.

LMS can help you start to finish.  Weather you are just wanting a basic free site or a full on domain, I can help every step of the way.

Why do you need a website?

Websites are great for business but they are great for personal use as well.  A business website can boost clients, reach more people, boost sales and more.  A personal website is great to showcase special events such as weddings and births. They make great memorials for those who have passed on and can showcase any hobbies or passion you have.

Bottom line is a website can be used for just about anything. Technology puts the internet in millions of peoples homes, each of those people can be a viewer and/or potential customer.

What do you offer?

LMS offers everything you need  to get started.  I will take your ideas and together we will build a great website to represent what you need.

Steps to Developing a Website:

  1. Brainstorm – what is your site about? Personal/Business or both? What is the main focus and message you are trying to achieve. Together this will give an idea of how we will create your site.
  2. Free site or Paid? Free sites are for smaller personal sites. Free sites will stay on the internet as long as the web host it is on remains online, but includes restrictions  on what can be created. If using a free site, we will try to help find a reliable one that will be able to meet your demand.
  3.  Domain name / Web Address. What do your site name to be? This is usually made into your web address or domain name ( for example). We will assist in helping find an available name and a host that can provide what you need.
  4. Creation & Layout – This is where we go to work building you a website that has the features you need and the basic content you want.
  5. Update & UpKeep – We offer basic service to get your site up and running and extended service depending on your wants and needs.

LMS will communicate with you through every step of the process. Communication is key so that I am able to assist you to the best of my ability with bringing your vision to the web.

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