Shadow of the Moon

As silence settles and surrounds the Sea
I feel the power drawing close to me.
I shiver from the cold that caresses my skin
cavorting with the tremors flowing within

I reach out to see for the darkness grows dense,
Soon the sea vanishes, this doesn’t make sense.
I’m in a void, an abyss, neither here nor there
alone in the deep, in middle nowhere.

Suffocating silence surrounds my soul,
I feel the power consuming me whole
I tremble and teeter, trip and fall
Into the nothingness; the heart of it all.

There in the darkness I finally see
the truth that lies in eternity.
Never have I ever experienced so well,
the wonders and horrors of heaven and hell….

Brightness ahead but the light does blind,
I feel the power leaving me behind.
Darkness subsides and none to soon,
For I just passed in the shadow of the moon.


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