The Ancient One

My soul has been ravaged in the darkest of night,
my eyes bleed tears of shame,
I’ve embraced the evil and snuffed the light,
and no one knows my name.
I’m a predator among the demons of late,
my time is centuries old,
endless pain has become my fate
and my heart has grown cold.

Here in the mist I dream of the past,
of a time so long ago
when a love I thought would always last,
turned friend into foe.
My heart was broke and I prayed to find,
revenge for my pain,
that’s when the devil entered my mind,
turning my life insane.

I screamed out loud and lost my fear,
poured my blood onto the flame,
and now time passes year by year
yet I remain the same.

I seek out my justice when darkness falls,
to all those happier than I,
I’m the deamon inside the mind that calls,
when you wish that you would die.

So fear me now, but know I’m there
when the sun will no longer shine,
a flash of time – a taste of blood
and forever you’ll be mine.


I had a friend do a reading of this poem and I created a “video” for it.  I think it turned out pretty good. The poem is one of my favorites, regardless of the dark nature.

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