Our Story,  Poetry


Many nights I prayed for my dream to come true,
Left feeling barren, unsure what to do.
I prayed to God so that I may see
Where it was I was supposed to be.
I had a loving husband but yearned for more,
Littles of my own to raise and adore.
I prayed every night, for years and years,
Often times spilling tears
For there was one thing I wanted above all other,
And that was simply to be a mother.
But it wasn’t simple, at least not for me
Feeling like my body was the enemy.
So I prayed for acceptance, that I could find,
Peace for my soul and peace for my mind.
Then one day our whole worlds changed,
Got flipped upside down and rearranged.
The universe shifted and it came to be
That you would have to live with me.
Now we have become mom and dad,
There for it all – good & bad.
One family created from the ashes of another
I am your mommy and she your mother.
My prayer was answered, God found a way
And for that I am thankful everyday.


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