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Doing it all over

You hear it all the time: “Always save your work,” and I do! Especially when working on big projects.  When creating a graphic, I save often. When building a website, I save it often. However, I slipped up this time and lost quite a bit of content.


I launched my site (LolomarieS) at the beginning of 2019. I created content for it often, running it for almost 1/2 the year. I had to let it lapse for a bit due to financial situations regarding a dental surgery I had. Surgery was accomplished and upon paying to reinstate my site, I realize that I have my domain, but my site was gone. *POOF* – No way to get that fully functioning, content rich site back.


So here I am again. Spending a whole weekend redoing and creating my site all over again. I think I did pretty good for a weekend. Basically I got two interactive websites up and running with content on both. Lucky for me most of my graphics were already made. (I saved those separately when making my site the first time. LOL)

The only thing to do now is work on content. That’s a never ending battle for this type of site but I love to write.  It just kind of sucks though that I lost some really great posts that I will have to rewrite. I’ve lost count of how many times over the years I have launched various sites.

I learned my lesson. Right after getting everything back together I have exported my whole domain to a saved file. I will continue to make sure I have multiple backups. I really don”t want LoloMarieS going anywhere.  I have found a domain that fits me and is personal and I do not want to loose it.

Moral of the story?

Save work often, especially the virtual kind!

You may notice some posts have been back dated. This is because I want to try work with what I had to begin with. Any posts that were previously published will be back dated. Some I will re-write – Some I may just scrap and move on. Either way, here’s to moving forward and keeping on – keeping on.

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