Star Crossed Lovers

I close my eyes and I feel you close to me.
Body pressing upon body. Soul merging with soul.
The heat of your lips upon my skin –
the bite of your teeth upon my lips.
A shiver runs through my body –
I imagine your hands touching me,
gripping, grabbing, caressing…
Ecstasy and passion unbridled.

This is the physical but there is so much more.
I feel you.
Who you are…
Your energy,
the blood of your ancestors –
flowing  through your veins,
the way you think,
the very essence of your being.

There is something primal and magical that draws me to you.
Like a moth to a flame, I am guided to your heat.
Years have passed since our first encounter –
That day,
– the first time in my life
I felt a deep instant connection.
There was no rhyme or reason.
Natural like the moon shifting the tides.
You shifted my world.
No matter time,
distance or circumstance –
we are still drawn to one another.

Fate can be a cruel mistress.
Perhaps we had a past in another life
– a connection lasting beyond what we know.
In this life,
we are left with stolen moments –
glimpses of what could have been.
Is it what could be?
No one knows the future.
I know that past and present,
only allow for brief moments
– leaving us wondering in the shadow of the unknown.

I close my eyes and I feel you,
I know you.
I feel you around me and inside of me.
I breathe in your essence and pour mine into you.
We become one in all ways-
the wonders of the universe at our fingertips.
Our passion is strong,
our spirits stronger –
when united the magic unleashed could move mountains.

I close my eyes and feel you inside me,
the pulse of your heartbeat throbbing through my body,
all yesterday’s and tomorrow’s forgotten,
a moment that stops time
bending all the rules.
You are forever mine in a way you will never be hers,
and I am forever yours in a way I will never be his.

Perhaps fate and destiny are at odds,
leaving us forever  –
as star crossed lovers.


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