2:30 am and sleep eludes me.
The stars in the sky keep me company –
reflecting childhood wishes,
cast upon their twinkling light.
Frivolous dreams of youth-
birthed from innocence and imagination.
Where have those lost wishes gone?

2:30 am  and I am lost in thought.
Conspiring alone with the ghosts of yesterday
and fears of tomorrow.
Starlight is not enough,
to diminish their shadows.
I no longer hide from them,
They are welcome,
to sit with me
for I dwell in the present.

2:30 am and I am a mistress of the night.
Stars and moon-
shifting thoughts like the tide.
Moonlight lingers around me-
Silent solitude soothing my sleepy soul.
I close my eyes
time stands still.
I shall dwell here forever.


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