Star Dust

I am a fiery passion
on a crisp celestial night,
fluid and fierce,
burning brighter
than the stars from which I came.
Unrelenting desire
fuels the flames of my soul
and a simple
can ignite an explosion –
Quaking energy,
pent up star dust,
yearning to create a new quasar –
trembles within me.
The very essence of my being
craves to consume the chaos,
the beauty of it beckons me.
Galaxies spin within –
Shaping my soul.
Glowing hot embers,
fanned with a lovers breath;
bring forth a flame –
a devouring divinity.
Carnal instincts
copulate with creative curiosity
and a new universe is born.
Sensual magnetism surrounds my senses –
pushing and pulling –
a palpitation of ecstasy.
I do not soar
through the night
as a shooting star,
a dying light –
 you foolishly fling your wishes upon –
but a constant constellation,
Spiraling star dust,
ancient and eternal.
I am all yet none
and a single star-
cannot contain
all that I am.


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