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Lion Hearted

I was born under the fiery sun of the Leo. Many of the traits that are common for leo’s are common for me. I am fairly confident, outgoing, fun loving, spontaneous and demand a certain amount of attention. My moon is in Sagittarius and that helps balance out some of those stronger Leo emotions.

If you were to do an astrological natal chart on me (how the planets were aligned at moment of my birth) You would find I have mostly fire and air elements with just a touch of earth and water.


You can have your own chart done too – it’s best to know the time and place of your birth to get better accuracy. It’s a lot of reading but pretty interesting – get yours done :: Here ::

I am a creative soul. Sometimes the need to just write something, anything comes over me. Mostly a poem gets churned out, sometimes thoughts just get jotted down. I love philosophy, deep thinking and meaningful conversations. I am always seeking new knowledge and inspiration.

I am a fiery spirit. I do not find life boring so I don’t like the idea of being “bored”.  I am opinionated yet always open to new ideas and thoughts. I ask questions. I see through bull shit and sometimes I dabble in the darkness. I am spiritual and emotional and I will tell you what I think but only if you are worth my words, for they are precious to me.


I am a complex creature, creative in nature and passionate in my interests. I am loyal to those who mean the most to me. I tolerate a lot but once I’m done and closed off, there is no going back.

I am open minded and always open to new possibilities and ways of life. I love adventure and not only enjoy change occasionally, I seek it out.  I am fluid and always evolving.

I need to communicate. I am not one to just shut off my thoughts and words … that is why writing is such an outlet for me. If there is something brewing in my heart, soul, or mind – it will eventually bubble itself to the surface in one form or another.

I am fierce in my pursuits and sometimes have a hard time stepping away.

I am a Leo, a lioness, and I am not afraid to venture into the unknown. Come, if we share a bond, lets navigate this jungle together.


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  • Sidney Chambers

    I am a leo also. I didn’t know about natal charts, think I’ll head over and have mine done. Thank you for a beautiful site, I love your poetry as well. Take care, I will visit again!

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