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Hello September

My favorite time of year is about to begin. I absolutely love the fall months. The cool, crisp air, the bright warm sun, leaves changing colors, sweatshirts and bonfires… Something about the fall time speaks to my soul.  It’s a time of reflection for me, a time of fulfillment and peace. It’s mysterious and beautiful.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and this weekend I am decorating our home.  Sure it may be a little early for some, but in this house we truly appreciate the creepy. There are actually a couple of Halloween decorations I leave out year around because I love the dark elegance they portray.

Last month was kind of strange for me. It was my birth month and I turned 40. With that came a shift of thoughts and opinions about my life. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and a lot more writing. I’ve noticed the shift in my writing style and have been trying to expand on it further. I am trying to go beyond rhymes, and use more descriptions, metaphors and similes. Being creative means growth. It’s always important to keep your brain working and evolving. I look for new inspiration everywhere.

In July I had dental surgery, it was the first time I had ever been put to sleep. I was kind of nervous about it but everything went smooth and I have been healing up just fine.  It was an unexpected expense for our household that we are still paying for, but something that needed to be done. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do – I am just extremely grateful for the help we received carrying that burden. We also had a tree limb fall on my car in July, severely damaging both front and rear windshields. We are still waiting to get that fixed.  Life is made of good and bad moments.  To enjoy one is to be able to accept the other.


I have working on keeping content going here. I’ll be adding more poetry and other writings often. I have some poetry from my book  “My Heart Bleeds Ink” on here as well as some work I’m compiling for a new book.  I don’t ever want to lose my spark for writing and enjoying what life puts in my path. I hope you enjoy following me on this adventure.

So September is beginning.  I am officially 40 and making new moves in my life. Fall is my time to shine and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Even little changes will add up to good progress.

So with that, I’m off. I plan on adding some more poetry to the site sometime this evening so be on the look out.  As always feel free to leave a comment – let me know what your favorite season is?

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