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Missing Teeth and Milestones

Fall is upon us and with that comes a time of reflection for me.  Autumn is my favorite season and as the kids gear up for Halloween, I reflect upon what has transpired in our lives as the year now begins to end.

Sis has lost several teeth over the last 2 years. She has no problem pulling them out herself once they are loose enough. She just celebrated her 7th birthday back in August and is currently missing 4 teeth. The tooth fairy is going broke! The weekend we celebrated her birthday she learned how to ride her bike without any training wheels!! She is growing so fast.  2nd grade is treating her well and she is doing a great job in school.  It was a little rough in preschool when all the transitions in the family took place but she has adjusted quite well to everything. We recently got back into walking together and I am hoping it’s something that we can make a habit. It gets us active and gives us time to have girl talks.

Bubby is improving leaps and bounds with his speech. The therapy is helping him and I absolutely love the things he says now a days. I love getting him to talk and carry on a conversation the best he can.  He will turn 5 in 7 months and this is his last year of preschool. I am excited for him to start kindergarten next year and go to the same school as his sister. He is still “Mr. Destructo” because he is a rough boy … he loves to break things just to fix them. He doesn’t quite realize some things can’t be fixed so easy…  Maybe he will be an engineer when he grows up! He is such an outgoing and friendly soul.

Life isn't a matter of Milestones

But of Moments

Having these kids over the last few years has opened our eyes to all kinds of things we never would have seen before. Every thing from basic parenting to being involved with the foster care system and eventual adoption.  I am grateful everyday that I was able to be here for these kids and that their other mommy called me that day to take them in.  Raising and watching children grow is such a huge responsibility but the blessings and joy are just as great. I love the sibling relationship they have and I love watching them grow and learn in their own unique ways.

Not only have the kids been reaching milestones, but we as a family have been bettering ourselves as well. In the last 2 years we have moved into the city in an area where we wanted to be, we have been working on our health, made some credit improvements and have been enjoying life as much as possible as a family. Life isn’t always easy but we face each day as it comes and try to find lots of smiles and laughter no matter what.

Autumn Blessings from our family to yours. No matter your path, no matter your achievements or failures – never stop striving to be the best you and enjoy life as much as possible.  We all reach our destinations at our own pace.


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