To sit upon this rock and dream,
of days long ago, or so it seemed,
of simple times, and innocent ways
oh – to remember those golden days.

Bright blue eyes that held the stars,
a laugh that carried on the wind afar..
how I wish to be where you are.

Here we camped, over by the stream,
we loved the diamonds in the moon’s bright gleam.
We talked and shared the whole night through..
special times just me and you.

But winter has fallen, times have changed…
The ticking clock has it all rearranged.
I ponder now in my old days,
Is it to late to change my ways?

Can we find a new rock, a new stream
where we’ll find all our dreams…
There we’ll sit- and perhaps catch a fish
Where we still laugh and wish,
where we still laugh and wish.


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