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Autumn’s Arrival

The year is winding down to an end, vibrant colors shift the world into a natural firework display. One last explosion of fiery beauty before drifting off to sleep under snowy blankets.

The bright sun warms our spirits as fallen leaves crunch beneath our feet. Crisp cool air refreshes our perspective and thrills our senses.

It’s a time of remembrance and reflection yet also a time of hope for new beginnings once we pass through winters sleep.


Autumn demands respect as it provides the harvest of a years hard work while reminding us that life is fragile and can be changed in a moment. A cycle of growth, death and rebirth that affects our spirits, souls and life.

It reminds us that while hard work pays off, we must always plan for the darkness that is inevitable.  While we celebrate the good we have accomplished, We must also prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually with enough reserves to sustain us through the cold, harsh days that we all experience. Life is a beautiful balance of light and dark.


When people reach the “autumn” of their lives – they are at a point where life can be so full and vibrant. Years of hard work are finally paying off, goals have been reached, legacies have been started. It’s a point where you begin to think about what impact you are having on the world and what stories you will be leaving behind. You may not be exactly where you thought you would be as a young adult, but take pride and comfort in where you are. We all reach our dreams and goals independently. We all suffer dark periods before the light finds us again.  Always remember – life is a cycle – you just have to be willing to take action.

So here we are, October is here. Fall has arrived. I have reached the autumn season of my life.  I will be sure to pause and look around at all the beauty surrounding me. I will count my blessings and be thankful for my harvest. I will continue to prepare and build myself up for anything that comes my way. 

All my leaves have not fallen yet and their changing beauty is a sight to behold.

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