Happily Ever After

You have undoubtedly become
an eternal part of my soul.
Your love etched into the walls of my heart – forever
It wasn’t magical or instant.
No automatic fairy tale connection,
But slow and steady,
A natural progression.
you crept into my view,
A master piece
over looked in my haste
of viewing pieces with such loud colors.
Your subtle beauty required me to look a little longer.
Muted tones speaking of depth and patience.
Hues that made me pause
Reevaluate and reconsider all I had before.
With great passion comes great pain
you have become the rock
to which I cling
when the chaos of my mind
unleashes a hurricane.
Solid and steady,
your love and loyalty never falter.
It wasn’t magical
love at first sight
It was fate and destiny
Making things right.
Answered prayers in unlikely places
and a happily ever after
none the less.



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