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Top 10 Candies

October equal Halloween to a lot of people.  For many adults and children alike Halloween means getting to dress up and most importantly… CANDY!!

Everyone loves some good Halloween Candy.  For the young ones, not much beats going door to door and getting a candy stock pile that will last you beyond Christmas.

I enjoy candy. I get my sweet tooth and crave that sugary sweetness. I know it’s not healthy to over indulge but there are just so many wonderful flavors!!

It was hard – but I compiled my list of Top 10 Candies. These are all found in the USA where I reside. I have not had the opportunity to try too many candies from other countries.

Reese's Peanut Butter

Reese's Peanut Butter cups are one of my favorite candy bars - but the pumpkins that come out around Halloween taste better for some reason. Something about the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter just makes these little snacks amazing!!

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy have been around since I was little. I remember as a child going to the Chicago Science Museum and that day they were doing a laffy taffy taste test. I remember I gave it good reviews all except the package was hard to open. (It was the big bars) I've been a fan ever since. Sweet, tart, chewie... a perfect little candy.

Dove Milk Chocolate

I love chocolate and Dove Milk Chocolate is one of my absolute favorites. I love the creamy and silky texture as it just melts in your mouth. Not too sweet and very smooth. One of my favorite go to chocolates even on special occasions.

Sour Patch Kids

I used to go to my brothers base ball little league games and buy these at the snack stand for a penny a piece. They would literally sit there and count out 100 for 1.00. Good old days!! Such a sweet and sour treat that is sure to get your taste buds going.

Hershey Gold Nuggets

If I can't grab golden goodness our of a real pot of gold, then this will work just as well. Shredded bits of almonds and toffee, covered in chocolate? Delightful!! Hershey chocolate is pretty good all around but these little gems are top of my list.

Now & Laters

Hard now - soft and chewy later. Though not much has changed with these since I was a kid, they are not quite as hard as they were when they first came out. You could almost break a tooth on one of these back in the day. Always had a great flavor though. Tasted better than gum and feeling it dissolve in your mouth into a soft mush was always fun.


Chocolate, nuts, caramel ... sounds like heaven and it is!! I love Turtles. My favorite is when they are made with cashews and sea salt. Some combinations are just made to go together. Sweet and salty to satisfy both cravings!

Sweet Tarts

I love my tart candy. Sweet Tarts have been a favorite since I was a child. I enjoy just about any product they put out that carries the SweetTart name. These little bites of flavor pack a punch on your tongue.

Werthers Caramel

Caramel is such a good candy just by itself. Werther's has perfected the formula with these tasty little caramel rolls. Smooth and creamy they melt in your mouth. Careful or you will eat the whole bag before you know it!

Gummy Worms

I love all kinds of gummies. Trolli puts out some really good ones. I enjoy the ones with the sugar coating and a bit of tart flavor to them. Worm, bear, shark, body part ... if its a gummy I will give it a try!

So there it is. 10 of my favorite all time candies. 

A combination of sweet, salty and tart.  Sure I like all kinds of candy but I’m making a list of 10 here so I had to leave some really good ones out.  There are some types/flavors of candy that I do not like in general and those are:
Coffee flavored
RootBeer flavored
Fruit & chocolate together (except maybe strawberry)

How about you? What are your candy preferences? What do your kids always want? Let me know in the comments.  If you think I should try something, let me know that too and I may just give it a go!!

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