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Beautiful Belief

For a long time I have researched various religions and belief systems.  Partly due to my desire to explore my spirituality but also due to my love and fascination for other cultures.  Since I can remember I have always loved learning about new philosophies, theories and beliefs.  As a child I was raised Christian but I was allowed to explore different churches if I wanted.  I was raised in a Nazareth Church but have been to all kinds over the years.

I began to develop my own beliefs and theories about life, the divine and spirituality.  As a teen I discovered Wicca and Paganism.  I researched various topics often and found that a lot of the ancient beliefs resonated with me. 


The old religions knew that we were made of energy, that everything around us was made of energy and put off vibrations. We are made of the same elements as the universe itself.  I loved the Wiccan philosophy that “All paths up the mountain lead to the top”.

My various research and studies have caused me to develop a rather unique spiritual path.  Although I love the old religions and beliefs, I cannot seem to call upon their Gods/Goddesses without feeling off.  I am called to a Christian form of Paganism/Wicca.  Some would say that is impossible, but I assure you, it is not. It is actually becoming more common.  I am glad to see “Christian Witches” coming out into the open more.  I still have yet to find any that believe quite the same as I do about the divine, but that’s ok. My path is my own.

That’s what this post is about. I have created a new offshoot of my site dedicated strictly to my belief system and spiritual path. Titled like this post: “Beautiful Belief” &  you can find it by  Clicking Here.

If you are interested in what I believe specifically or how I practice my faith and path – be sure to check it out!  It is an online reference and journal so that I can be more conscious and active in my practices. It will always be evolving as I evolve and adapt new beliefs or ideas.  It is a nature based, eclectic, metaphysical, spiritual path that combines various religious beliefs and practices.  Yes, you can say I’m a Witch.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in my personal life. Besides running the house and keeping the kids alive and flourishing. I’ve been working on my spiritual side, as well as my physical and creative motivation. I’ve rededicated myself to reaching a higher spiritual plane and keeping myself in a positive state physically, mentally and spiritually.  Be sure to head over to “Beautiful Belief” to learn more about my path and spiritual journey!! 


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