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November Blues

The days are getting shorter and the sun tends to hide behind clouds now a days. The air is frosty and the first flakes of snow haven fallen upon the ground.

Most of the leaves have turned colors and fallen, leaving behind barren trees ready for winter’s slumber. Autumn is drawing to a close and dark days lie ahead.


While Autumn is my favorite time of year, sometimes the dreary, cold, rainy November gets under my skin.  I find myself in the house more often and missing the sun. 

I struggle with depression off and on and sometimes November can be a hard month for me.  Not because of the holidays but because the changing of the weather and the shifting of earthly energies.

  I am not a winter person.

I enjoy a good snow fall for sledding just as much as anyone but I have to make sure to balance out the dreary energy gloomy days leave me with. 

I can deal with cold, just make sure that bright sun is shining for me.


Life isn’t always easy, but I manage. The kids are thriving and doing great in school. Watching them grow and flourish has been an amazing honor.  They had so much fun on Halloween this year. Sis was a minion and bubby was Marshall from Paw Patrol.  It was a frigid night but we bundled up in layers and my candy warriors were victorious in their candy mission.  We still have plenty left…  They will probably have some left at Christmas Time.

Home life is going on as usual. Still dealing with some of the “lingering” paperwork from the kid’s CPS case even though it was closed over a year ago. I think it’s all finally worked out now though (Fingers crossed).  The hubby has been working 6 days a week, and we’ve all taken turns dealing with being sick.  We are are finally starting to feel better.

In other news, I’ve been working on my spirituality and my online book of shadows as well as my hand written one.  My hand written one is about 18 years old and needed some major updating.  It’s been soothing working on it. I will be posting about it soon on my Beautiful Belief website.

I have been writing more poetry and I will get some new pieces up this month. I plan on pushing out another “Top 10” sometime soon and will be doing my November Music Feature within a few days.

I haven’t been creating too much lately because my focus and energy has been turned to my spiritual practices  and the website I launched for it.


So that’s my November life at the moment. Trying to keep my depression at bay while trying to work on my spirituality and keeping the positive energy flowing. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you would like to see me write about or discuss, be sure to leave a comment and let me know!! I love getting new ideas and creating something that the people want to see.

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