Dream Walking

I am here within this ancient old tree,
and there’s a secret passage that’s just for me.
A spiral star that leads down, down, down
Leading me deep into the ground.
The cavern of my soul, lit by my dreams,
Bright with Mystery – so it seems.
Sun and Moon upon crystal stone,
I do not travel this path alone.
A piece of me, a lock of hair
I leave upon the altar there
A sign of Faith, Hope, and Love
so I may possess these virtues above.
Return to the stairs and up I go
Into the meadow and the full moon’s glow>
To the stars I direct my gaze
and ponder upon the ancient ways.
I shall linger here for just a spell
in this meadow where fairies dwell.
Time can pass, a day – a week
I will eventually find what I seek.



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