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20/20 Seeing Clearly

2019 ended on a positive note for our family and 2020 began with positive, gentle energy. The holidays were a blessing, and the kids enjoyed all the festivities and presents. They received gifts far and wide and we are eternally grateful for anyone and everyone who reached out for them.  The kids have gone back to school this week and we are all settling back into a normal routine.

I started working part time at a store near my home. It’s a job that I enjoy and something just to bring in a little mad money and to help the husband with some bills. I am not the type of woman to just sit back and watch my partner do it all.  I am grateful he can and does provide but helping him out, helps us all out.  I don’t work but maybe 20 hours a week but it works around the kids and the husbands schedule.

I ended the year more in touch with my spirituality than ever.  Life definitely shifted for me last year and I had to shift with it. Getting back in touch with The Divine and my own path has helped balance me back out and refocus myself.  I am still being creative but in a more physical and spiritual sense.  I am working on a Grimoire Binder as well as a hand written one.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of spiritual writing and creating but due to the subject it’s being uploaded to Beautiful Belief.


The above is just an example of some of the creative art that has come from me in the last month or so.  I did a creative journey to celebrate Yule and really enjoyed the creative process it invoked. 

Creativity is a way of life for me. The need to write, doodle, create, craft … it’s what drives me and gives me passion for life.

2020 is a great year for me. There’s a Full Moon on my Birthday in August, and October hosts a Modern Blue Moon.  I am manifesting great things this year. 

I am seeing things clearly.  It may not even be how I want it – but I see it for what it is.  My vision is expanding and my horizons broadening.

There are a few poems I have to finish and get posted here. You can also expect a New Featured Artist sometime this month. Life continues.

The LoLoMarieS Domain turns 1 year old this month!!  Hard to believe it’s been a year already.  During that year I had to completely redo my site from scratch. I am glad to finally have a good selection of content available – with more on the way.

Thank you to everyone who showed their support to me and my family during 2019. We are glad to have you joining us for 2020.  Life is beautiful even when it’s ugly and with each new day is a new opportunity to experience life the best you can. May you go though 2020 with the same clear vision and may many blessings find their way to you.

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