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It’s been a Year!

January 18th 2019 I purchased the LoloMarieS domain name and launched Creativity Unleashed.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I’ve launched websites in the past with my own domains – and most only ran a couple of months to a year. I’ve never gone onto year 2 until now.  I think I’ve found my home.

Some of the past Domains I owned include:
* Inside The Eyes ( This was my first ever domain name that I purchased)
* Mystic Emotion
* Beyond Art

I don’t own these domains anymore but it’s fun to think back on how far I’ve come on this platform. I can’t count how many “Free” sites I’ve had over the years.

It was a crazy year, I lost several months worth of post in the middle of the year and have been trying to restore some of the content I lost. There are still a few posts I am going to re-write – but I have added so much more since then.  It has definitely been a creative last half of the 2019 for me.  I’ve added quite a few new poems and a new area of my site dedicated just to my spiritual path.

Life on the home front has been going on as usual. The kids are doing great in school and are already looking forward to summer break.  I started working part time as I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post … life has been good.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me along on this journey. Those of you who make your presence known and those of you who lurk in the shadows. I see and acknowledge all of you.  It’s been a Year! Let’s have a toast!

To Friends and Family, Far and Near - To all who have traveled by here - Your support for me is the very best - May all your days be Truly Blessed!

I hope you all continue to visit Creativity Unleashed : LoloMarieS. If you want to see something specific from me (poetry, digital art ect) leave a comment and let me know!! I am always up for new ideas. I love making content that people can enjoy!

Here’s to another year of Unleashing my Creativity.

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