Life As Is

The Writer Within

My poetry is very sacred to me. I remember the “Why” of every poem I’ve ever written.  I know what inspired each poem I’ve created and I know which poems were requested by various people over the last 30 years.

I remember when I realized that not everyone could write as easily as me. I remember the first time I saw one of my pieces published in a real book. (I was 12). I know that I am not the best – I am not famous, I don’t really wish to be.  I don’t write for recognition. I write for me and because there is something in my soul that compels me to.

I have haters who “doubt” me and think that I don’t write well at all. I don’t really care. My poetry isn’t always for everyone. It is always for me though.  I have had plenty more praise and good constructive criticism on my writing, than I have negativity.

I write on all types of subjects. Love, Life, Death, Fantasy, Sex, Playful, Hate, Hurt, Hope … Life in general is my inspiration.  Sometimes my writing is spiritual or inspirational and sometimes it’s down right dark and strange.  I embrace both dark and light.

I write about real life, I write about dreams, I write about others because I am inspired by their story.  There are a million reasons why I write and a million things that inspire me.

Often you can see my life reflected in what I write, but other times what you are seeing is inspiration struck from something beyond my own personal experiences. 

No matter where I draw inspiration from, each poem holds a unique piece of me. 
A moment frozen in time – a feeling encapsulated within words for an eternity and A part of my creative essence in each stanza.


Words have power. Everyone knows this.  But their power goes beyond what most think. They have the ability to affect your feelings, your motivation and the world around you.  Words written down have lasting power.  They can be seen as well as heard and felt.  A spritz of a favorite scent on a love poem also adds the sense of smell.  Sometimes a pen will leave groves on the page as you write and then you can physically feel the words as well.  The physically written words can invoke all of our senses at the same time.

If I had to say what natural talent I have, words would be it.  Often I can whip out a poem in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes. I can rhyme easily off the top of my head. something my kids love. I am always making up songs for them.

Writing is my outlet, it’s been a part of me for so many years. It isn’t something “I used to do”.  I may go periods without writing a poem, but then all of a sudden the urge hits and one pours out.  I don’t think I will ever stop writing or creating.

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