I hugged you last week,
Felt your arms around me strong and healthy.
We had all our tomorrow’s ahead of us.
Comfortable chatter and familiar love,
You laughed, I smiled.
That moment is ours forever.
We had no idea
That moment would be our last together.
You waved goodbye and I was assured
I would see that smile again.
Tomorrow is a fickle friend
Full of promise and uncertainty.
Now here I sit alone and isolated
Only memories to comfort
the nightmare of what reality has become.
They said stay at home but home is where your heart is
My heart, my home, is in a cold room,
quarantined and quiet for eternity.
I would gladly go home, to be where I belong,
But they wouldn’t let me close to you.
Now I sit within these four walls
Heartbroken and Homeless


*Written in Honor of all those who lost loved ones during the Covid-19 Crisis. Those who could not be with their loved ones due to quarantine. Prayers to all those affected.


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