Life As Is

Spring is in the air!

The world has gone into crisis with the infection of Covid-19, yet the Earth still blooms with life around us.  Many places are in a degree of lockdown, however; life hasn’t stopped.

The earth is still spinning. Everyday thousands of people die, and thousands are born. The cycle of life continues.

For many, this Spring has brought fear, crisis and grief. For others it’s brought a time of reflection and a much needed slower pace. Some are feeling a mixture of both.

"We are all in the same Storm, just traveling in separate boats."

My family is doing ok. The husband and I are considered “Essential” workers and still continue to work. Many others have lost jobs due to store and restaurant closings. Daycares and Schools are closed. I feel very blessed at this time to live on almost an acre of land with creek included. It’s a great place to have to “stay home” yet still be connected to nature.  The kids have had a lot of outdoor time. I’ve written 2 poems so far about the current crisis – you can read them by clicking their title: 
Quiet in the World

Being creative is part of my soul. Here lately I’ve noticed I’ve got a flair for wood burning. I am still practicing but plan on making some pieces available to purchase soon – as well as taking custom orders.

I’ve also discovered the joy of making Dream Catchers.  I plan on offering those for purchase as well.  Lots of creative ideas floating around in my head that I look forward  to sharing with the world.  Creativity Unleashed isn’t just about Poetry.

I’ve been focusing on my home and family this year. Taking time to explore crafts and ideas that speak to me.  I’m growing in my spirituality and although I try to keep it a  bit seperate from my Creative Business – it will over flow because it’s just part of who I am and my style.  The shelf above features The Tree of life and The Runes. I really love how it turned out.  I would buy this – so I know that someone else would to.

I will also be offering Framed Poetry Prints.  No middle man. I write it, I create it, I frame it – I sell it directly to you.  Custom poetry available too. Great for gifts and special occasions! I plan to have the first batch of 6-10 available after the weekend!!

Super excited for these new steps I’m taking.

2020 has brought a storm but I am always seeking the light. Sometimes I welcome and play with the dark, but I don’t linger.  If you are struggling this Spring, please speak up. Find ways to connect with nature or do something you like.  Life is hard for many right now and I pray that anyone who is having a hard time finds relief soon.

Spring is a time of renewal – rebirth – resurrection and hope. I hope all these things find you this season and may your future days be blessed.

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