The hurt our world faces,
isn’t anything new,
It affects each and everyone of us,
Yes, it affects you too.

Injustice, Oppression, Disgrace
Violence, and War
Many turn a blind eye,
until it’s at their door.

It’s our history then,
our present now,
Everyone wants to stop it-
but no one knows how.

Intolerance, Racism,
Fear and Greed
This is how the beast
continues to feed.

Corruption, Destruction, Lies
Rape and Murder-
How can we possibly take it further?

World Pollution
Child Prostitution
Innocent Execution
Corrupt Institution
Religious Prosecution
Unfair Distribution
Regular Destitution
Violated Constitution
Civil Dissolution
Legal Convolution
No Retribution
Unjust Absolution
What Solution?



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