The Gray

I have walked through the fires of hatred and destruction
right into the storms of chaos and confusion.
I have seen the suffocating shadows of evil
that twist and snake through the subconscious.
I have smelled the pungent odor of fear, abuse and neglect.

I am not made of sunshine and rainbow memories.
I have experienced the evil energies that all to often pray on the innocent.

Yet I am Uniquely Divine.

I have turned those fires of hatred
into fires of passion and creation.
I’ve soothed the storm into a cleansing rain.
I have calmed the shadowy subconscious beast,
Transformed into the smoke of my soul.

Rosemary and Lavender cast away
The stale lingering odors of humans
Who’ve lost their humanity.
I am made of infinite stardust.
I experience powerful energies
that heal, Uplift, and protect the innocent.
I am light and dark.
I am female and male.
I hold my head high as I embrace all that I am.

I walk in The Grey.



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