Life As Is

Little Update

Summer has hit and the Sun has reached it’s peak. The days are now slowly growing longer as the cooler months creep up.

I’ve been kind of absent from my website the last couple months. I have been focused on real life, my family and myself.  I’ve been busy working and finding hands on outlets for my creativity.  Most of the creating I’ve done lately has been of a spiritual matter. My mind set has shifted greatly since this time last year.  I’ve delved into my personal spiritual path with all that I am.  I still have a long way to go but I know this path is right for me.


The family is doing wonderful and I can’t help but feel it’s some of the changes I’ve incorporated around here. One thing is sure – no negative energy is allowed to linger here.

The kids are thriving.  We still plan on adopting but are just waiting for the right time and the funds. I am hoping to get the process started next year or by 2022 at least.  I know they aren’t going anywhere but I would love for it to be official and to have the bit of “normalcy” that comes with it.  Sis is going into 2nd grade and Bub is hitting Kindergarten.   Kids grow so quick. Hard to believe it’s going on 5 years that they have been with us.

I am hoping to get back into writing pieces just for this site and I do have a few subjects in mind. A lot has gone on in 2020.  History in the making and a shift in society.  We all have opinions and views, this is where I express mine in length.  Stay tuned for future posts!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a full moon! It meant alot to me and this new path I’ve been on has been an amazing asset to my life.  I wish you all the best and thank you for sticking with me and supporting this site!  Keep your eyes open for more posts!!


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