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Letting Go


Sometimes that is the best advice you can give or take. “Let it go.” I have had to release and let go of so many expectations, relationships, and counter productive things in my life.  Some of the hardest things to let go of are relationships. Sometimes we care so deeply or share something so profound – there’s something primal that makes us want to hang on. 

If it doesn’t benefit or enrich your life more than hinder and darken it – Let it go. Block, Delete, Heal, Move on.  Sure we all reminisce occasionally and ask those “what if” questions – but have faith that the universe is leading you where you need to be. If there is someone you truly don’t want to hear from or contributes nothing but drama to your life – why hang on? Family ties? Not good enough for me. I have friends that have shown me more loyalty than those I have a blood relation with.


When I block someone on social media it usually means I am blocking them from my personal life. Sure they can come here and read up on my little entries – or they can log on under another profile and still see me on social media – but – when I block someone – it is for me. Not them.

It’s not that they annoy me, said something I disagree with or made me mad. It’s because I don’t want to see their posts (if we have mutual friends) or have them being able to comment on my posts. It means I have no use at all for their presence in my life nor am I curious about what they are doing in their own lives. I don’t log onto alternate profiles to stalk people who blocked me.

Once I put you on a block list, I usually forget about you unless we have a real life, voice to voice conversation about whatever issue caused the blocking. I will usually unfriend before I block. Blocking is a last resort to remove you from my personal online presence and life in general. Everyone has a personal limit to what they will find tolerable before they cut you off for good. I don’t play games with blocking and unblocking.

“Worry is a misuse of Imagination”

 Let go of what you can’t control. The “what might of beens”, and “what could be’s”. Be in the present. If change is needed to find peace and happiness – make that change. Let go what no longer serves you, motivates you or encourages you to be better. One of the hardest things for me to let go of was my father. He’s still alive but I can can count on one hand how many times I have heard from him in the last 15 years and have fingers left over. 

This isn’t entirely my fault. Do I reach out to him? No. Not because I’m mad or I feel it’s his job to reach out to his daughter – but because he can’t face what he has done to my mother and our family when I was younger. I have some really good memories with him but I have more bad and his presence isn’t needed in my life.  I am not sure how having him in it would do anything but make me want to address the issues I was raised in – which he isn’t really willing to do. Best to forget in his mind I suppose, so I let it be.  I’ve healed myself – I have peace and a great home life with a family of my own that I was blessed with.

Surrender to what is and have faith in what will be.

We all have stories to tell – some more nightmarish than others – some that are blessed beyond compare. Look at what you can do for yourself to find peace within. Find the smallest of blessings and be grateful. Some things aren’t meant for you in this life. Some trials and tribulations are – life is a constant stage of growth. How you respond to things in your life will determine how happy and at peace you will be, regardless of situation. Learn about yourself and make decisions that will lead to a better you. Sometimes letting go hurts and we actively have to take time to heal those wounds. To fill that gap with things that inspire us, uplift us, and teach us to be better. Don’t let anyone take your peace.



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