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Wood Burning

I turned 40 and 6 months later discovered I had a passion for wood burning. I have always loved playing with fire in one way or another. I really don’t know why I didn’t try wood burning sooner.

I can spend hours sitting in front of a piece I am working on.  After doing my first couple of pieces and showing them off, I realized that many people enjoyed them just as much as I did.  I decided to start custom work – and offering my wood burning hobby up to the public.

Let me know what I can make for you!

Mini Manifestation Boxes.
These are mini wooden boxes that can be ordered empty to use as you wish or with Spell ingredients.  Ingredients include a mini anointed spell candle, two stones/crystals, a mini spell jar and a sigil on parchment made for your specific need. Every box is designed with you in mind. Choose from a selection of designs already shown or we can come up with something else you like.

Boxes can be made for Love, Money, Health, Justice, General or any intention you need.

The empty box can be ordered for $13.00 including shipping.

The completed spell box can be ordered for $20.00 including shipping.

Pendulum/Divination boards & Crystal Grids.

Prices fluctuate depending on design and the price of wood I am currently working with.  Prices range between $15.00 – $30.00.
All boards are roughly 10 inches unless we discuss otherwise. Choose from one you see here or we can find another design to fit you!

I enjoy doing all sorts of projects with any sort of designs.

If you have something you want customized, I’m your pyromaniac! Leave a comment or use the Contact page to let me know what you’re needing! I am happy and honored to be of assistance!

Great customizable gifts for anyone. Great for memorials, anniversaries, birthdays and  just about any occasion!  Combine a Wood Burning project with a Custom Poem – and make it that much more personal and unique!! 
Let’s talk!!

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